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Thus Spake
M.S. Golwalkar
This has been our philosophy - the philosophy of victory of the forces of righteousness over the forces of evil preached and practised over the millennia. Even today, the demoniac forces of evil are strutting about the world stage, armed with world destructive weapons and threatening the very future of humanity. It is only on the strength of our philosophy which steels our will to win that we can inspire mankind to face this new challenge of adharma.
It is inevitable, therefore, that in order to be able to contribute our unique knowledge to mankind, in order to be able to live and strive for the unity and welfare of the world, we stand before the world as a self-confident, resurgent and mighty nation.

"Bunch of Thoughts" by M.S. Golwalkar
Table of Contents
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In the book we find an indepth, philosophical discussion on vital questions such as, how best to face the dangers threatening Bharat both from inside and the world-outside, and respond to the challenge of the times, how we need to fashion our personal and national character for fulfilling the historical necessities of the country etc, which shed light on the genuine concept of our nationhood. Page after page in the book reveal the resplendent vision of our nation which had been eclipsed by centuries-long mental confusion and intellectual delusion. ---- Dainik Hindustan

It will be seen how full, how positive, how patriotic, how practical and idealistic at the same time, the principles and methods of nation-building adopted by the Sangh are. It will be seen that the Sangh is the indispensable basic corrective to all other current efforts to furnish the foundations of national reconstructions and inspiration for national regeneration on sound lines....
---- The Late Prof. M.A. Venkata Rao
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