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Why Hindu Rashtra?
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How Other Nations Behaved

No wonder, Hindu Rashtra, with these noble tenets -- unity in diversity,not conflict but harmony and respect for all faiths -- as its basis, evolved itself on the face of this earth in a way entirely different from all the rest of the nations which looked upon struggle as the chief means of progress. When European nations became powerful as a result of the Industrial Revolution, they could not resist the temptation of spreading their aggressive tentacles to distant lands.

France, whenever it became powerful trampled under its feet the small countries of Europe. The history of England which spread its colonial empire to every corner of the world is too well known. The German history is no different. It plunged the world into two world holocausts to quench its imperialist thirst. Italy, when it became powerful, pounced upon Abyssinia. Soviet Russia, after getting the upper hand in the Second World War, swallowed Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the Balkan States and half of Germany. It massacred thousands of Hungarian and Czech freedom fighter under the very nose of the UNO and trampled those countries under its jackboots. Chine annexed Tibet and seized portions of Laddakh and Arunachal, and is now on a prowl for further encroachment in the Himalayan States.

Many of these nations coupled their imperialist aggressions with fanaticism will. For instance, when Spain conquered South America, it destroyed their Inca civilisation as well as their holy temples. Portugal extended its destructive activities right up to Goa during the heyday of its imperial might. The following excerpt from a letter of the king of Portugal to his Viceroy at Goa in 1538 highlights the fanatic character of that nation :

"Christian kings have great responsibility in sustaining and propagating with all might the holy belief. So I command you to appoint efficient officials to find out idols and destroy them. Declare idol making in metal, wood, or clay, and painting pictures, and taking them from one place to another cognizable offence. Similarly, those who publicly or privately worship idols and keep incense and camphor for that purpose and give shelter to Brahmins, who are our declared enemies, should be punished... None of their petitions are to be heard, no concession is to be allowed to them. We wish the severest of punishment under the law should be inflicted upon them."

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About Why Hindu Rashtra?
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