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Arise Arjuna Hinduism And The Modern World
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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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After the age of fifty, when his first wife has passed away, Mohammed in time married eight additional women who were young and beautiful. He married Aisha, the daughter of his friend and companion Abu Bakr, when she was six and consummated the marriage when she nine. In other words he married and had conjugal relations with a minor, though he himself was an elderly man. Another one of his marriages that appears quite unusual was that to a woman named Zainab, who was originally the wife of his adopted son Zaid, who divorced her to allow Mohammed to marry her, and then ceased calling himself the son of Mohammed.

Brahmacharya or transcendence of the sexual urge is thus not represented in the life of the prophet. Not surprisingly, Islam forbids monasticism and is against celibacy, and in its holy wars Islamic militants have at times marked our monks and monasteries for destruction, regarding them as unholy. Mohammed did give each of his wives her own house and stayed with each on alternate days, engaging in regular sexual relations with them up to the time of his death, and appears to have treated all his wives kindly.
  He made Islam forbid sex outside of marriage, particularly premarital sex, though it does allow a man to have up to four wives. 

Following Mohammed, Islam promotes the having of children as part of one's religious duty and as part of its strategy to spread itself in the world. It does not accept the renunciateascetic view as found in the life of the Buddha, and such as colors even the householder life in India. It therefore does not have the respect for monks, swamis and yogis that goes along with such a view.


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