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The Relevence of Vedic Science 

Vedic science is a system of spiritual knowledge encompassing all domains of life. First, it gives us the knowledge whereby liberation or self-realization can be gained, whereby we gain the true goal of life which is the immortality of our inner consciousness. Second, it provides the knowledge whereby the outer aspects of our lives can be harmonized with our spiritual purpose. This includes how to take care of our physical body and our society. As such Vedic knowledge provides the foundation for a true and spiritual human culture. 

It extends into all spheres of life and knowledge including medicine, astrology, mathematics, psychology, sociology and linguistics. It is the basis of the art of India, its poetry, music, dance and sculpture. It was the model for the social structure and legal system of ancient India, which was quite different in the Vedic age than in medieval or modern times. 

Modern science is now entering into the subtle realms of mind and nature. It is beginning to see the inner side of the world and thus coming closer to the views of the ancient mystics. Such concepts as the relativity of time and space, are well known in Vedic science. To the ancient seers the entire universe is the creation (or recreation) of consciousness itself, with time and space as constructs of the mind. As such, they never looked upon time and space as having an ultimate or objective reality. 

The Gaia hypothesis much talked about today in scientific circles, that there is a guiding life and intelligence on Earth, is another old Vedic idea. Gaia is Greek for Vedic Gau, the cosmic cow, the spirit or Goddess of the Earth, the Divine power working through it. The ancients had many chants to this Earth Goddess to insure the harmony of man and nature and to keep us attuned to the cosmic creative vibration. Some gave reverence to her, others sought to bring the Divine light, the power of the Gods into her. Such chants (like the Gayatri) give life to Gaia and protect and nourish all life on earth. Vedic science sees the universe as a magical play in the mind, a manifestation of cosmic law to demonstrate the glory of consciousness and the wonder of being. 


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