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All thoughtful people are agreed that untouchability is a blot..

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Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Through Questions And Answers > All thoughtful people are agreed that untouchability is a blot..


Those who were engaged in unclean vocations were, because of this, segregated, But it was unpardonable that no steps were taken for their educational, economic and cultural upliftment. It should be remembered that such segregation was on grounds of health and sanitation, and vested economic interests helped to perpetuate the system. Religion had no hand at all in it. That the many saints born among these untouchables were honoured by the entire society is proof enough for this contention.

Of late, there has been a general wakening in the Hindu society with regard to this problem which is also posing a danger to the solidarity of our nation. The Heads of Mathas and other Hindu religious leaders seem to be shaking off their age old attitudes and apathies. Entry of Harijans into the temples, allowing free access to them in the religious fares and festivals, inviting them to take part in community dinners without discrimination, special efforts to propagate religion and culture among them these are some of the programmes that are being undertaken to eradicate this evil.

However, progress in this direction seems to be rather tardy and needs to be speeded up. The panacea, however, for the problem of untouchability and the disabilities faced by the Harijans is proper education leading to right attitudes and values, as also speedy economic progress. This two way progress, to be sure, will automatically wipe out this blot that has doggedly plagued our society .over centuries.

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Published on: 2003-03-03 (3835 reads)

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All thoughtful people are agreed that untouchability is a blot..
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