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Hindu Books > Temples And Legends of India > Temples And Legends of Bihar

Kulapati's Preface

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - that Institute of Indian Culture in Bombay-needed a Book University, a series of books which, if read, would serve the purpose ofproviding higher education.

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The Sanskrit word Vihar means monastery and it is only natural that the State of Bihar should have a very large number of temples.

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Author : Shri P. C. Roy Chaudhury

Graduating with honors in English and topping the list in History, in the M.A. examination, P. C. Roy Chaudhury, M.A.B.L. (born February, 10, 1903, at Cuttack, Orissa), has served in various posts under the Government of Bihar.

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The Girija Temple at Phulher has a background which needs mention.

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Ma Paudi

Worship of a deity without a devotional darshanis rather rare in India. The deity of Sri Sri Ma Paudi, enshrined at Porahat first and then at Seraikella in Bihar, is a deity of that category.

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For an example of a temple-town, once in all her glory and playing an important role in history and how in ruins, there could be no better instance in Bihar than Benusagar.

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Mandar Hill

Mandar Hill is about 700 feet high and is situated about 30 miles south of the town of Bhagalpur. There is a branch railway line of hte Eastern Railway connecting Bhagalpur with Mandar Hill.

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Sultanganj is a town in Bhaglapur district and is a place of hoary antiquity. It is tranditionally associated with the sage Jahnu, whose ashram was a centre of learning and culture.

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Konch is a large village abour eighteen miles from Gaya on the Gaya-Daudnagar road. Konch contains the remains of numerous temple, but the principal one is an ancient temple entirely of bricks.

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Mundesvari Temple stands on the summit of an isolated hill about 600 feet high at village Ramgarh, sever miles south- west of Bhabua, Mundesvari temple is the earliestspeciman of hte Nagara type of temple architecture available in Bihar.

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Parasnath Hill in Hazaribagh district is held to be the most sacred spot of the Jains all over India. Parasnath Hill, about 4481, feet high, is situated along the Grand Trunk Road about 200 miles from Calcutta.

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Vailsali was once a prosperous town and the centre of Jain culture. It has declined in glory considerably but attempts are being made ot revive it. Vasali is an ancient place. It finds mention in the Ramayana.

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The village Nalanda in the district of Patna has avery hoary history recalling the days of Mahavira and Buddha. Nalanda is 55 miles South-East of Patna and seven miles north of Rajgir, the ancient Rajagirha.

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Patan Devi

Patna is one of the oldest cities in India. Very few cities in India have had so many names as there is hoary city. The well-known ancient names of Patna were Pataliputra, Kusumapura and Pushpapura.

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Aranya Devi

There are a number of towns and cities in India which have derived their name from a temple the deity of which is commonly believed to be the presiding deity of the place. The name Bombay is derived from Mumba Devi.

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India has quite a few places where there has been a continuity of religiouis fervour for centuries and the fervour has found concerte shape in the form of temples and places of pilgrimage.

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The Hariharnath Temple at Sonepur in Saran district is now more known for the great Sonepur mela on Kartik Purnima day. The mela runs for about a month and is attended by lakhs of people.

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There is a modern temple of Durga on an obviously ancient site at Uchaitha village, which is about 30 miles north-west of Darbhanga railway station of North Eastern Railway.

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This is a village about 3 miles north-east of Wazirganj and 16 miles east of Gaya. Kurkihar will bring nostalgic memory to even the most disinterested visitor.

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The village Masarh in the Sadar sub-division of Shahabad district is about six miles west of Arrah town. Masarh is an ancient village full of relies.

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This village in Saharsa district is rather inaccessible. Maheshi village is ancient and according to the legend commonly known throughout Bihar was the place where Madan Misra, a great philosopher of the Eighth Century.

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Jagarnathpur is a village 6 miles south-west of Ranchi. There is a high rocky hill at Jagarnathpur commanding an extensive vie of the surrounding plateau.

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Patna is a great place of pilgrimage for the sikhs. It is the birth-place of Guru Govind Singh the tenth Guru. Patna has a number of Sikh shrines, besides thefamous Harmandir.

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Deoghar or the abode of the Gods, is the headquarters of the sub-division of the same name of the district of Santhal Parganas. Deoghar has a pituresque location.

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The cult of Sivism has found expression in Bihar in a large number of Shiva Temples and particulary on the districts bordering Nepal. The district of Saharsa has been ravaged for decades by the Kosi river.

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The background of the famous Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya near Gaya. Buddha was born as a prince in a small principality of the Sakya clan at Kapilavastu on the borders of the Nepal.

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Published on: 2003-02-05 (15404 reads)

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