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Hindu Books > Temples And Legends of India > Temples And Legends of Assam

Kulapati's Preface

Publisher's Preface on the book.Temples Legends Of Assam

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Author's Preface on the book " Temples And Legends Of Assam"

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Author's Introduction

A Brief Introduction on the authors of the book.

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Assam, with a great and ancient heritage,has contribu- ted richly both to the evolution and enrichment of the civilisa- tion of India.

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Kamrup,the modern district of Assam, takes its name from the great independent king- dom of Kamarupa. It is described in the Kalika Purana.

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The temple of Kamakhya is siturated on a hill three miles off from Gauhati, the head- quarters of the KamrupDistrict.

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The temple of Asvakranta, situated in North Gauhati, is an important Vaisnava shrine. It is just opposite to Gauhati and a visitor can go there by motor boats that are available at Suklesvar Ghat ( Gauhati).

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Vasisthasrama or the hermi- tage of Vasistha is situated about ten miles to hte east of the town of Gauhati.It is situated in beautiful natural surroundings. Here are three streams called Sandhya, Lalita and Kanta.

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The temple of Umananda is situated on the Peacock Island ( so named by some poetic British Administrator) in the midst of the River Brahmaputra off the office of the Deputy Commissioner of the Kamarupa district of Gauhati.

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Ugra Tara

The temple of Ugra Tara in Uzan Bazaar in the eastern part of Gauhati is an important Sakta Shrine. Ugra Tara was worshipped according to Vama cara rites. This was because of a curse give to her by sage Vasistha.

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Sukresvara temple is located in the town of Gauhati on hte bank of hte river Brahmaputra. The Kalika Purana calls the hillock, on which the temple is built, Hasti and describes it to be the asrama ( hermitage) of hte sage Sukra.

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The temple of Navagrahas is situated in the south-eastern part of the Gauhati town on the crest of a hill known as Citracala. The temple contains nine phallic embles of siva covered with cloths of different colours sacred tot he nine planetary gods.

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Hajo, a village in Kamrup district, is about fourteen miles to the north-west of Gauhati. It was great centre of culture and learning. There are two temples at Hajo, the Hayagriva Madhava temple and Kedaresvara temple.

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Tezpur is the headquarters of the Darrang district of Assam. It is a fine town and is widely known in India and outside in recent years. It may be noted here that it wast he first major town of India to receive Dalai Lama , when he came ot India after the Tibetan uprising.

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Sibsagar, one of the modern districts of Assam, came into prominence under the Ahom rulers. The Ahoms a group of the Shan invaders, under the hegemony of Sukhapha, first conquered the eastern portion of the country.

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Sadiya is an important place in the North Lakimpur district of Assam. Sadiya ws the capital of the chautiyas, a Mongolian tribe, who were reigning there at the begining of the thirteenth century A.D.

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Sri Surya Ruins

Sri Surya Pahar is situated at a distance of some seven miles by the Dobapara road from the town of Goalpara., the headquarters of themodern district of assam. Sri Surya ruins are very famous of all rest.

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The present Hatimura temple, at Silghat, in Nowgong district, was probably built on the ruins of an old stone temple in the Saka year 1667 ( 1745 - 46 A.D) in the reign of King Pramatta Singh of the Ahom dynasty.

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The Satras - I

The Satras, which owe their origin to Sankaradeva ( 1449 - 1569), the fountain head of the neo - Vaishnavite movement in Assam . Sankaradeva was a great genius, prophet and seer in whom the whole of Assamese culture might be said to be epitomised.

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The Satras - II

Sankaradeva was not a philosopher, nor did he endeavour or evolve a new philosophy. Nevertheless his literary works are pointers to the facts that he was steeped in the lore of Hindu philosophy.

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The Satras - III

Sankaradeva's religion has many institutional aspects, and these excercise even today a tremendous influence on the cultural, social and community life of the Assamese People.

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Barpeta Satra

Barpeta, a town in Kamrup district, is about sixty miles from Gauhati. Direct bus connection exists between Barpeta and Gauhati. The Barpeta satra ws established by Madhavadeva.

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Majuli Satras

Majuli, an island in the river Brahmaputra, one of the religion of the Vaisnavas. Majuli is situated in the neighbourhood of Jorhat, in Sibsagar district.

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Glossay of Assamese Vaishnava Terms.

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