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Andhra Pradesh

Hindu Books > Temples And Legends of India > Temples And Legends of Andhra Pradesh

Kulapati's Preface

The Publishers Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's that Institute of Indian Culture in Bombay-needed a Book University, a series of books which, if read, would serve the purpose of providing higher education. Particular emphasis, however, was to be put on such literature as revealed the deeper impulsions of India.

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Author : Shri N. Ramesan

The Introduction of the author of the book Shri N. Ramesan, M.A, I.A.S (born December 1921 at Tiruchirapalli, Madras State) has had a distinguished acadernic career, passing with First Class in English, Sanskrit and Mathematics from St. Joseph's College. He was recruited to the Indian Audit and Accounts Service (Class I) in 1945.

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On Temples

Aryavarta is a land of holy temples and shrines and sacred rivers and mountains. The temples from ancient days are places where every Hindu has to do his puja and worship to the divine.

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Srisailam is situated in the thick and inaccessible forests of the Nallamalai hills, in the north eastern portion of the Nandikotkur taluk of Kurnool District. It is 73 miles north of Nandyal Railway Station.

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Ahobalam is a religious centre of very great antiquity. It is situated at a distance of thirty miles from Nandyal Railway station of Kurnool District. The Ahobalam is a plateau 2,800 above sea level.

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The Alampur temples are situated on the western bank of the Tungabhadra river. Alampur can be reached from Hyderabad by railway on Hyderabad Bangalore route.

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Lepakshi is a small village which lies nine miles east of Hindupur in Anantapur District of Andhra. Hindupur is a railway station on the main metre-gauge line between Hyderabad and Bangalore, and from Hindupur.

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Tadpatri of Anantapur District, is a railway station on the miles from Guntakal, which is an important junction on it. One can reach Tadpatri from Guntakal either by road or by train.

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Across the Kurnool district the ghats run in two parallel anges. The range that lies towards the east is called the Nallamalai, and Mahanandi is situated in one of these hills.

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Tirupati is the most sacred Vaishnavite temple, of Andhra Desa. Tirupati lies in the midst of the Seshachalam Hills at a distance of seven miles from the Tirupati East Railway Station.

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Kalahasti is a town in the Chittoor District of Andhra, and it is a Railway Station on the Renigunta-Gudur section. The temple and the town are situated in beautiful natural surroundings.

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The village Chezerla is situated at a distance of miles west of Narasaraopet in the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. The Temple here is dedicated to Lord Siva.

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Amaravati has made Andhra sculpture a byword among the plastic arts of the world. This place, which is situated in Sattenapalli Taluk of Guntur District, is also famous as the seat of a temple to Lord Siva worshipped here as Lord Amareswara.

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Mangalagiri is situated on the Bezwa miles by road from Vijayawada. The nearest railway station is Mangalgiri on the Guntur-Vijayawada line but to visit the temple, the better course would be to get down either at Vijayawada or at Guntur and take bus comfortable stay here.

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Vijayawada is practically the centre of Andhra in all its aspects.It is an important junction in the Madras - Calcutta, Madras-Delhi routes, and probably the foremost town of Andhra.

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Akiripalli which is in Nuzvid of Krishna District is the seat of an important and sacred temple dedicated to Lord Sobhananchala Swami. The deity is Vyaghra Narasimha, who was incarnated in a cave on the top of the hill.

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Draksharama is situated at a distance four miles from Ramachandrapuram which is a taluk headquarters of East Godavari District of Andhra. The name Draksharama is said to be a corrupted form of 'Daksha' 'arama' or the garden of Dakshaprajapathi.

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Kotipalli which is in Rama-Chandrapuram taluk of East Godavari Distriti is famous as the seat of an ancient temple where Lord Siva is worshipped as Sri Someswaraswamy. It can be reached from Kakinada or from Rajahmundry which are important stations on the Madras Calcutta line.

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Annavaram can be reached by the Southern Railway and the Grand Northern Trunk Road. The nearest railway station is Annavaram which is two miles from the temple.

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Simhachalam, also called Simhagiri, is about ten miles to the north of Visakha- patnam, which is a District Headquarters of Andhra.

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At Arasavalli, which is practically the same as Sri- kakulam, th headquarters of the northernmost district of Andhra Pradesh, there is a temple of Lord Surya.Temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Surya are rare in our country.

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Srikurmam is a famous temple situated at a distance about twelve miles east of Srikakulam at the extreme south of the taluk and very near the coast. The temple which dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the Avathara of the Avathara of tortoise.

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Bhadrachalam is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Sri Ramachandra and situated on the banks of the sacred river Godavari.Sri Ramachandra himself lived for some time, before Seeta wass carried away by Ravana.

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Yadagiri or, as it is popularly known, "Yadagiri-Gutta", is one of the important and holy places of Nalgonda District. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Narasimha andthe God here is known as Laxminarasimhaswamy.

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Vemulavada is in karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh. Vemulavada is famous as the seat of a Western chalukya temple known as the Rajeswar swami temple.

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Dharmapuri is one of the oldest villages in Andhra Pradesh situated in karim- nagar District of the Telengana region.The village is a famous and renowned one,as a centre for Vedic studies.

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Published on: 2003-02-05 (19925 reads)

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