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Somanatha - The Shrine Eternal

Hindu Books > Temples And Legends of India > Somanatha - The Shrine Eternal

Kulapati's Preface

It is our intension to publish the books we select, not only in English, but also in the following Indian language; Hindi, Bengal, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu.

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K.M.Mushi's versatility and achievements were in a unique. He was an eminent lawyer, one of the framers of India's constitutions and a seasoned statesman.

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Preface To the First Edition

On the occasion of the installation of Somanatha, I decided to collect whatever I knew or had done in connection with Somanatha.

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Preface To The Second Edition

Brief explanation by Author regarding the second Explanation.

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Publisher's Note : Fourth Edition

Publisher's brief explanation regarding the fourth edition of "Somanatha - The Shrine Eternal"

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Some of the abbreviations in this book....

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List Of Illustrations

Some important illustrations regarding this temple Somanatha.

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Somanatha - Lord Of Soma, The Moon God

The shrine of Somanatha is situated in Prabhasa Patan or Devapattana, on the southern coast of Saurashtra.

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Prabhasa In Historical Tradition

Prabhasa was traditionally sacred place even in the days of Dharma raj, the son of Pandu.

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Dehotsarga-The Hallowed Spot

Saurashtra was the adopted home of Shri Krishna acclaimed for centuries as ' God Himself', and no greater or richer integrated personality.

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Shiva - Guardian Of National Resurgence

The is an ancient tradition, not to be discarded even on geological grounds, that the low-lying land between the mainland and Saurashtra was once covered by the sea .

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Shiva And His Worship

The worship of shiva and His consort shakti dates from pre-historic times and is today the basic layer of religious belief in India.

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The First And The Second Temples

Another parallel tradition connects Prabhasa with the Pashupata cult as a very important and ancient branch of Shiva worship.

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The Third Temple

The years A.D. 725-26 were fateful for India. In A.D. 726 Junayad was succeeded by Tamim as the governor of Sindh.

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The Guardian God Of Gujarat

In A.D.942, Mularaja, the son of Raji and Liladevi, driven from his ancestral kingdom, captured Anahilavada Patan.

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Rise Of A Destroyer

When the power of Gujaradesha and Karnataka had been broken around A.D.940 and the extreme south had begun to build a great empire.

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Destruction of The Third Temple

In A.D. 1022, Bhima, the son of Nagaraja (the brother of Durlabharaja) by the queen Lakshmi Devi , (the daughter of the Chahamana of Naddula), came to the throne of Anahilavada Patan.

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The Fifth Temple

Emperor Bhoja of Malwa died in A.D.1055. Karna of Chedi aided by Bhima of Anahilavad, invaded Malwa and possibly dethroned Jayasimha.

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Renovation Of Tripurantaka

For over a hundred years after the Fifth Temple was built by Bhava Brihaspati in A.D.1169, Saurashtra continued to be under the Chalukyas .

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Destruction By All-Ud-Din Khilji

By A.D.1290 a change came over the sultanate of Delhi. So far it was the military camp of foreign Turks, from where they carried fire and sword to all parts of the country.

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The Shrine Rises Again And Again

Soon after Alla-ud-din's General damaged the temple and broke the idol of Somanatha, the temple was repaired by Mahipala.

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A Destroyer And A Restorer

By 1675 Hindu India was ready to overthrow the intolerable rule of the fanatic Aurangzeb.

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A Great Restorer Rises

As the British established their ascendancy over the country, the rights of the Gaekwads of Baroda over the temple were progressively ignored.

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AS I Saw It

In January of 1948, at the invitation of Samaldas Gandhi, the Gujarati Sahitya Parishad was held at Junagadh under my Presidentship.

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Planning : University Of Sanskrit

In the beginning, some persons, more fond of dead stones than live values, pressed the point of view that the ruins of the old temple should be maintained as ancient monument.

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Preparation - Advisory Committee and The Trust

On February 15, 1949, the States Ministry issued a directed that it was no longer necessary for the temple or any land in Prabhasa Patan to vest in the government of India.

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On July 3, 1950, I went to Dehotsarga to plant a tree in celebration of the first All-India Vana Mahotsava.

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Somanatha - The Shrine Eternal

His Highness the Jam Saheb laid the foundation stone of the Seventh Temple on May 8, 1950.

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The Days Of Aurangzeb

The romance ran backwards. Aurangzeb, the fanatic was the last ruler in whose reign this temple saw the worship of Somanatha.

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The Mystery Of The Two Outlets : The First Temple

Going backwards in the order of events: when was the temple renovated prior to 1590, the year carved on the dark yellow stone?

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The Second, Third And Fourth Temples

In the North-East corner was found a stone inscription in Brahmi lipi of the Valabhi period (500-700).

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The Fifth Temple

On the plinth of the Fourth Temple, the fifth Temple was erected.

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The town of Somanatha - Pattan, locally known as Patan (20" -53' north lat, and 70* -24' east long.) is situated on the South - Western coast of Saurashtra in the traditional Prabhasa Kshetra.

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Historical Background

The origin of the temple of Somanatha is shrouded in obscurity; nor is its history complete as revealed by legends and traditions.

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Introductory To Excavations

From the foregoing account it is clear that the temple was more or less neglected after the first quarter of the 18th century and was fast falling into ruins.

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Objects Of The Excavations And A summary Of The Results

As already stated, the history of this temple suffers from lack of material evidence.

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Descriptions Of The Cuttings

Previous excavation in the garbhagriha had exposed in its northern wall tow water-outlets, one below the other, and two brahmashila of which one was found in situ.....

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Conclusion : Identification And chronology Of The 'Original' Temple

It is always best to proceed from the particular to the general, from the known to the unknown; to try to relate a particular enquiry to some matter of general interest.

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Muslim Chroniclers On Somanatha

Abi Raihan-Al biruni, who accompanied Sultan Mahmud to India and compiled his work on Indian culture, philosophy, astronomy geography etc.

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Stone Inscription In The Temple Of Bhadrakali

Somanatha Patan is a small town under Junagadh on the South - West coast of Kathiawad.

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Stone Inscription At Veraval Under Bhima Deva II Of Junagadh

May Somesvara bless you, who is like a Kalpa tree in the Kaliyuga, who is like the moon to the ocean of the excess of happiness consisting of supreme bliss.

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Cintra Prashasti Of The Reign Of Saranga Deva

A copy of the subjoined inscription was first published in Murphy's Travel in Portugal (1798) together with the translation of Sir Charles Wilkins.

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The restoration of the hoary temple of Somanatha which contains the first of the twelve Jyotir lingas was an act of historic justice that warmed the heart of the nation.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (15240 reads)

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