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Temples And Legends of Himachal Pradesh

Hindu Books > Temples And Legends of India > Temples And Legends of Himachal Pradesh


Introduction to the Temples and Legends of Himachal Pradesh.

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Background of the Temples

The life of the averageHimachal deeply imbued with faith and worship.

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Kulu-Manali Complex

In the last two decades Kulu - Manali complex has had a spurt of tourists annually and the natural beauty of the area amply deserves this.

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Shyama Kali-Mandi

At the top of Mandi town there is a temple of Shyama Kali deity which is another mani- festation of the consort of Lord Siva.

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The place where the Manu Maharaj started meditation was known as Manuwali or Manali.The World restarted from Manali through the efforts of Manu Maharaj.

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The Name- Mandi

Mandi takes the name from Mandavya who was a saint and the name of place was first Mandav nagar and later corrupted into Mandi.

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Ardhnari Temple-Mandi

The Ardhnari temple at Mandi is, comparativey, a modern temple. The right half of the stone image in the temple represents the Siva and the left half his consort Parvati.

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Buddha Temple

The Buddha temple (Gompa) is supposed to have come into existence during the eighth century when padmasambava Buddha the second and the originator of Lamaism.

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Bilji Mahadev

The legends took place at the Sangam of Parvati and Bas rivers.The tmeple is located opposite the Kulu town and on top of a hill crest.

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Kulu valley was the orignator of idol-worship.When people started worshipping the idols, they started idol-worship.A large rectangular flat astone known as Singhasan

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Hadimba, a Rakshashi in the Mahabharat has been deified and is woshipped in this area.Dhungri was the place near manali where hadimba had resorted for meditation.

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Banasur was a mighty Rakshasha who ruled very sternly over the area known in the ancient days as Malana in Kulu complex. The cellar known as "Raksa Ra Mord" is never o pened.

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Basishta village on the left bank of river Beas about 2 miles to the north of Manali town. The village has two temples. In the first one Sri Ramachandra is thepresideing deity.

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Chamba, formerly a princely State for centuries is now a district and very important for its historical assocations, antiquities, natural features, temples and legends.

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Kangra Area

The previous district of Kangra in the old Punjab province has now been split into Kngra, hamirpur, Una, Kulu and Lahul & Spiti districts. Kangra is one of the most dnsely populated districts in the Punjab.

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Mani Karan

In the wanderings of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati in the forests of the Himalayanrange, they came to a place now calle MANI KARAN.There are several temples in the Mani karan village.

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Bajreswari Devi

The temple of Bajreswari or Vagreswari devi at Kangra is perhaps the most famous in this district. Devotees from Amritsar subscribed together and presented the temple with marble floor.

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Chintpurni Devi Temple

Along with hundreds of mythical legends about the origin of a temple in different parts of India, the very popular temple of Chintpurni temple is of the same type.

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Baijnath Temple

One of the most remarkable monuments of the Bias valley is the temple of baijnath. Baijnath is in reality the appellation of the chief temple dedicated to Siva Vaidyanatha by ("Lord of Physicians" .

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Baglamukhi Deity

The temple has a legends behind it and was not very old either.Mandi Raj had conferred some jaigir( rent-free grant of land) for the maintenance of the temple and the regular pujah of Baglamukhi deity.

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Chamunda Nandikeshwar

Goddess Chamunda is seated at Jadrangal village in kangra area located on the right bank of baner Khad (Banganga), a tributary of beas river.

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Sirmur district in Himachal pradesh is more advanced and closer with affiliations to the surrounding States. There are more of communication links.

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Nath Temples

At village Thor, in Pachhad tahsil, is an ancient temple with a gilt dome but noimage. Worship is held every evening with music, incense and the sound of conch.

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The entire area of the present Bilaspur district in Himachal pradesh was princely state and with the lapsse of para- mountacy in India was taken over under the Central Admin- istration as a separate unit.

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The Chini tahsil of mahasu district was made an inde- pendent district from May 1, 1960 and came to be known as kinnaur district. This is one of the smallest districts in India with an area of 6,520 sq.meters.

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Lahul And Spiti

Lahul and Spit created as two civil sub-divisions with an area of 12,210 &a population of 23,538 persons according to 1971 census was made into a district in 1960.

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Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are to be seen in the temples of the districts of kangra particularly and in Kulu,Chamba, Mandi,Mahasu, and Simla.

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Author : P. C. Roy Chaudhury

A Brief introduction of the author of the book.

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Published on: 2003-02-04 (16346 reads)

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