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Background Note on the Author

- Shri Sudheer Birodkar

Hello Dear Visitor,

I am the author of these books. I began my forays at putting my pen to paper when I was in college in the period 1975 to 1980. I began as a prolific writer to the "Letters to the Editor" column of various newspapers. I began putting my thoughts down on the social issues current at that time. My letters appeared in The Times of India, Economic Times, Indian Express, Financial Express, etc.

I started by writing for my college annual Magazine. I wrote an article on the Topic of Economic Development which was published in my college magazine in the year 1978.

In the same year I won the second prize in the 21st A.D. Shroff Memorial All India Essay Competition conducted by the Forum of Free Enterprise. The topic was "The Economic Regeneration of Rural India"

Initially my interest was primarily in Social welfare and economics. I had participated in inter-collegiate Elocution competitions conduted by The Forum of Free Enterprise and the Yuvak Biradari. The topics of these elocution competitions were related to issues concerning economic development.

I also wrote for local periodicals published from Mumbai. During this period I was a Karyavaha (Secretary) of the Goregaon Shakha of a socio-cultural organisation, in 1977-78.

After completing my post graduation in Commerce and Economics in 1980, I started working on the subject of Macro-economic planning. I wrote my first book on Economics, which was published in 1988 by Multitech Publishers.

While studying Economics, I also took up Indian Economic history as a second subject. I focused on the period 1000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. In the course of this study I collected a massive pile of notes on the origin of rituals, customs, beliefs, folklore etc., in the economic life of the bygone ages. These notes also covered the subject of advances made in science and technology in ancient India.

Initially, these notes were to form a chapter in a General book on history which was planned. But going along, there was so much information on this subject that I decided to present the notes on this topic in the form of a separate book entitled Indias Contribution to the Worlds Culture.

The lack of a book exclusively on this subject was an important motivation to present it as a separate book. This is how the present book was born.

Some of the texts referred to while working on this book are:

Aryabhattiya (By Aryabhatta) - Astronomy

Bramha Sputa Siddhanta (by Bramhagupta) - Astronomy

Surya Siddhanta (Anon?)- Astronomy

Arthashastra (by Kautilya) - Political Science

Vaisheshika Sutra (by Kanada) - Physics/Philosophy

Siddhanta Shiromani (by Bhaskaracharya II) - Mathematics

I have also written articles on topics related to Indian culture in Periodicals like The Illustrated Weekly, The Sunday Observer, The Free Press Journal, Imprint, Blitz, Current, etc. I am a Resident Life member of the Asiatic Society's Library at Mumbai.

I am currently working at Mumbai as an Editor with the software division of a leading multi-national bank.

On the personal front, I am a family man and live in Mumbai in Bharat (India) with my better half Smt Varsha Birodkar my son Kumar Ajeenkya Birodkar and father Shri Govind Birodkar.

Centre for further studies on Indian Culture

My next aim is to set up a Centre for further studies into the subject of Indian Culture.

The aim is also to motivate other students and researchers to come forward and continue this study of the rich intellectual heritage of ancient India. For this, the I have donated some land for setting up the Center at Village Dongaran Hawa in Murbad Taluka, in Thane District at the foothills of the main Sahayadri range. The site is near the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga temple.


Dear Visitor,

The web edition of this book is available at this site for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy going through it.


In case you are interested in a print-out, feel free to print these pages. You may also add a link to this site, or mirror the site as it is on any other server. My aim is to spread awareness about India's Intellectual achievements amongst the global community.


The book is also available in hard copy form. For more details you may get in touch with the publishers whose address is given below:

- Sudheer Birodkar



Price of the Book
In India
Rs 275 + Postage within India

Outside India
USD 35 (Thirty Five US Dollars), or equivalent in any other currency.
This price is inclusive of Packing and International Postage

Mode of Payment
Bank Draft in favour of Prerna Prakashan to the above address

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