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Major Sections
Books By Rajaji
Ramayana Mahabharata

Bhagavad Gita

Bhaja Govindam



Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living

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Kulapati' s preface


The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - that Institute of Indian Culture in Bombay - needed a Book University, a series of books which, if read, would serve the purpose of providing higher education.        [More....] It is a matter for great regret that the young men and women of our Universities know very much less about the Gita and principle of Hindu religion.



The Soul

The Gita is one of the most authoritative sources of Hindu doctrine and ethics, and is accepted as such by Hindus of all denominations.


The first step in religion is the realization of the existence of an entity of behind the apparent body, i.e., the Soul.



God And Nature

The relationship of the individual soul to the Supreme Spirit on the one hand and to the material body on the other is to be gathered from the verses taken up for study now.


WE shall continue in the next chapter our study of the Gita-teaching as to how to live.


Right Action

The Practice Of Mind-Control

We shall revert to the ethical teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.


As a duck swims in a water and when it steps out sheds the water from off its back, so should we learn to move in the world.



Inherited Propensities

Success or failure in any endeavour should not agitate the mind.


As an aid to charity in judging others and to serve to calm the mind in moments of agitation.


Hope For All


The doctrine of Karma should not frighten us.  Law is immutable but God is Live as well as Law


The materialist does not admit that there is anything in itself right or wrong. The materialist theory of life stated like...



Surrender And Grace

Every man is born with a particular nature, the result of his Karma.


The Gita recognizes the difficulty of worship in terms of the Impersonal and Absolute.


The Oneness Of Existence

Advaita And Gita-Discipline

Regulating conduct, controlling the mind and dedicating all activities as worship unto the supreme Being.


A Question may be raised at this stage by those who have only heard of or have a superficial acquaintance with the doctrine of Advaita.


Seeing God


The eleventh chapter of the Gita records what may be termed a miracle.


We may now summarize our studies.


The Author 


CHAKRAVARTI RAJAGOPALACHARI, popularly known as "Rajaji" or "C.R", was a great patriot, astute politician and incisive thinker.


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