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Books By Rajaji
Ramayana Mahabharata

Bhagavad Gita

Bhaja Govindam



Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living

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Kulapati's Preface


Publisher's Preface regarding this Book" Bhagavad Gita".


CHAKRAVARTI Rajagopalachari popularly known as "Rajaji" or "C.R", as a great patriot astute politician and incisive thinker.


Bhaja Govindam

Verse - 1

Sri Sankara crossed the ocean of  Maya as easily as one steps over a small irrigation channel in the field. 


Our People have heard the "Bhaja Govindam" song and they know it. It is not new to them.


Verse - 2

Verse - 3

After first warning against the desire for mere scholarship forgetful of God, and for the renown that it brings, Sri Sankara next speaks about the desire to amass wealth.    


In the third, stanza Sri Sankara speaks about lust.


Verse - 4

Verse - 5

After uttering a warning in the first three stanzas against the arrogance of knowledge, the lure of wealth and of sex.,,


"Why do you detract from the joys of life by such statements?" asks the fool in his simplicity:                                [More....]

Verse - 6

Verse - 7

"What you say about kinsmen may be true; but take my wife who is with me here"                                  [More....] Childhood passes away in [lay. Thoughts of love engage youth and the mind goes after maidens.                                [More....]

Verse - 8

Verse - 9

Who is your beloved?  Who is your son? Very strange is this family bond.    


Association with good and enlightened men provides occasion for the practice of withdrawal from desire and attachment.  


Verse - 10

Verse - 11

The sorrows of life will cease of their own accord upon the dawn of the knowledge of the self.


Do not be proud of your youth and health.  Do not be vai and say.,,


Verse - 12

Verse - 13

Let wordly life be an appearance or a reality.  Sri Sankara does not object to our enjoying life.  


Is there none to advise you? Even imminent, why do you turn your thoughts to your wife and to your possessions?


Verse - 14

Verse - 15

The ascetic with the matted locks, the man with shaven head, he who has pulled out his hair.,,


Giving up or renunciation, is the substance of Sanyasa.



Verse - 16

Verse - 17

Sitting before the fire or with the sun at the back, sleeping at night with knee tucked under the chin.,,    


All religions and creeds stress the need for true knowledge and wisdom.


Verse - 18

Verse - 19

Happiness is the internal state of the mind. It does not reside in an external object or in the physical body.


Pleasure is a state of the mind.  The satisfaction springing from sense - enjoyment is pleasure of one kind.


Verse - 20

Verse - 21

A little study of the Bhagavad Gita, drinking a drop of Ganga water.


Let us beg for His grace:   he will surely protect us. he will surely take us across the ocean of births and deaths.


Verse - 22

Verse - 23

Sri Sankara sings of god-intoxication and the bliss of the men that have received the light.


We sleep in the night and dream.  In the dream we experience many hardships and cares.


Verse - 24

Verse - 25

With whom do you get angry?   Why do you grieve in vain imagining enmity in your heart?


Don't think in terms of friend or foe; or brother or cousin.  Don't waste your energy in enmity or friendship.


Verse - 26

Verse - 27

Free yourself from lust, anger, greed and delusion.  mediate on who you are.  Ask of yourself.....   


Without true knowledge, life in this world so much mixed with sorrow will become a hell.


Verse - 28

Verse - 29

Of all the delusions that hold sway over man, that which makes for his greatest undoing is the sex craving.


After briefly referring to ruining oneself by going in quest of sexual enjoyment,  Sri Sankara speaks about the craving to acquire wealth.


Verse - 30

Verse - 31

Regulated breathing and sense control, discrimination of values between the eternal and the transient, japa and meditation sinking the conscious into the unconscious.


This is the last verse of the Bhaja Govindam hymn of Sri Sankara.  Our body and heart are the temple of God.


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