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Index of Ramayana Author -C.RajaGopalachari
Kulapati's Preface Preface
The Conception Sage Viswamitra
Trisanku Raama Leaves Home
Raama Slays The Monsters Seetha
Bhageeratha And The Story Of Ganga Ahalya
Raama Wins Seeta's Hand Parasuraama's Discomfiture
Festive Preparations Manthara's Evil Counsel
Kaikeyi Succumbs Wife Or Demon?
Behold A Wonder! Storm And Calm
Seeta's Resolve To The Forest
Alone By Themselves Chitrakoota
A Mother's Grief Idle Sport And Terrible Result
Last Moments Bharata Arrives
Intrigue wasted Bharata Suspected
The Brothers Meet Bharata Becomes Raama's Deputy
Viraadha's End Ten Years Pass
The Soorpanakha Episode Kamban's Soorpanakha
Khara And His Army Liquidated The Path Of Ruin
The Golden Stag The Good Bird Jataayu
Closely Guarded Raama Disconsolate
A Second Father Dies Left Eyelids Throb
He Sees Her Jewels Sugreeva's Doubts Cleared
The Slaying Of Vaali Taara's Grief
Anger And Reconciliation The Search Begins
Son Of Vaayu The Search In Lanka
Seeta In The Asoka Park Raavana's Solicitation
First Among The Astute Seeta Comforted
Seeta And Hanumaan Inviting Battle
The Terrible Envoy Hanumaan Bound
Lanka In Flames A Carnival
The Tidings Conveyed The Army Moves Forward
Anxiety In Lanka Raavana Calls A Council Again
Vibheeshana The Vaanara's Doubt
The Doctrine Of Surrender And Grace The Great Causeway
The Battle Begins Seeta's Joy
Serpent Darts Raavana's Defeat
The Giant Is Roused Is This Naaraayana Himself?
The Death Of Indrajit End Of Raavana
The End Epilogue
Major Sections
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Ramayana Mahabharata

Bhagavad Gita

Bhaja Govindam



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RALLIED by Angada, the Vaanaras recovered courage, re-formed in battle order and prepared to receive Kumbhakarna. They hurled rocks at him and dealt heavy blows with trees plucked by the roots but he disregarded them all and with a smile on his face went on dispatching the Vaanaras with a methodic cruelty that was most terrifying. Some of them retreated to the newly-built dam, while others tried to save themselves by concealing on the shore of the sea and the forests.

Once again Angada had to encourage the Vaanara chiefs and warriors and get them to re-form and attack Kumbhakarna.

Dwivida, Hanumaan, Neela, Vrishabha, Sarabha and other chiefs attacked Kumbhakarna fiercely. But he disregarded them all and continued his ruthless slaughter of the Vaanaras. Angada himself received a blow, as a result of which he fainted and fell on the earth. Sugreeva was struck down. Picking up the unconscious Vaanara king, Kumbhakarna carried him with joy to wards Lanka. The Raakshasa army rejoiced greatly and raised a triumphant uproar. Kumbhakarna wished to make a present of the captive Vaanara King to his brother Raavana.

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About This Naaraayana Himself?
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