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Introduction Kathopanishad
Isavasyopanishad Kenopanishad
Svetasvataro- panishad Taittiriyo- panishad
Chhandogyo- panishad Mundako- panishad
Major Sections
Books By Rajaji
Ramayana Mahabharata

Bhagavad Gita

Bhaja Govindam



Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living


Isolated from teacher and without personal expansion and explanation, these compositions confuse us with antithesis and epigram and the use of the same word in varying senses, a style, which we should have particularly avoided when discussing difficult problems. All this is, however, understand able if we remember that they were not books to displace teacher but were notes to standardize teaching and to help memory.

Apart from the difficulty arising out of the form, and the difference of purpose of the composition from that of modem books, the distance that divides us from the day when these thoughts were propounded makes the greatest difficulty. The reflections were necessarily hung on to the life, beliefs and manners of those ancient times. To understand the meaning and the point of what was said by men of a long past age, we have to get back to the circumstances of that age, a task of   great difficulty even for the most imaginative among us.

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