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Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living


These functions themselves depend on Brahman, and, therefore are these senses and the mind unable to comprehend the Brahman. Do not take this body that one has to feed and look after for the Soul.
Life is not the aggregate of the functions of the body but a function of the Highest Spirit, inasmuch as not a thought or a breath or a glance is possible without the Supreme Agent.

1-5, 6, 7,8

He who thinks that he knows really there by proves himself ignorant. He who realizes that he cannot know Him has best understood him. Those who seek to know Him, as they can grasp things of ordinary knowledge, can never achieve their object. Those who realize the limitation of the human mind in respect of the knowledge of the Supreme Spirit and, therefore, frankly confess ignorance, really approach a true understanding of it.

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