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The fire is not seen when it is concealed in the wood. But it appears to view when the wood burns. So does meditation bring out the Supreme Spirit from within us. Like oil hidden in the sesame seed, like ghee concealed in milk, like water hidden from view in the river-bed, like fire that is contained in the Arani (fire-churner), abides the Supreme Spirit within us, though not manifest. When the two pieces of wood in the Arani are rubbed, the fire manifests itself.

The butter is separated by churning the milk. The water is seen if we sink a pit in the sand of the riverbed. The Divine Self, that is hidden within one’s self, can similarly be made manifest through the practice of truth, meditation and control of mind and senses, which is penance. Make the body the lower piece of the Arani and make the Understanding the upper piece and by the practice of meditation, chum the fire out, so to say.

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