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The same inability to understand or even appreciate religion can be said of many professors in America, who as products of materialistic Western academia are similarly likely to analyze religion not as a spiritual phenomenon but as a purely social-political institution.

Leftist scholars in India look to such Western thinkers for their inspiration and have little regard for the Hindu spiritual and philosophical tradition which they neither understand nor feel any kinship with.  If they have any God or guru, it is Marx, and Hindu system like Vedanta are as foreign to them as they are to any non-Hindu. 

Hindus who are religious and the great majority are strongly religious should not mistake such Marxist views for an objective pursuit of truth, whether they come from India or elsewhere. Fortunately with the downfall of communism in the world, the influence of communism in India is on the wane, but just as the old communists are holding on to their declining power in the political institutions of China (and Bengal), they are holding on in the educational institutions of India.

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About Leftist Scholorship In India
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