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How I Became A Hindu - My Discovery Of Vedic Dharma


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Unfortunately, no other Christian leaders in India, much in the rest of the world echoed such statements, which are not part of church policy. Some of his relevant statements in this regard are quoted below:

"Conversion has no meaning! Proselytisation has no meaning if you do not convert yourself to God and see what God has to tell you. Follow his will, his plan and that is real religion. So therefore, I personally do not believe at all in proselytisation.

The last point I would like to say is that, Christianity has made terrible blunders in the past! Terrible, not horrible! One of them was to mix faith with culture. If you go to India, you take Indian culture, if you go to Africa, take African culture, if you go to Japan, take Japan culture.

We have made a lot of mistakes, a  lot of blunders. That there is no salvation outside of Christ is not fully true. It is one way of looking at it if we have faith. But what I said was, salvation is from God, not  from religion. If you understand that fully, the full answer is there."

I have included the relevant portions of my speech. For those wanting the full text and the Archbishop’s statements, please contact Prajna Bharati. 

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