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The Myth Of Aryan Invasion Of India

The Post Colonial-World

Basis Of The Aryan Invasion Theory Aryan As Race Or Language
The Development Of The Aryan Invasion Idea

Mechanics Of The Aryan Invasion

Harappan Civilization Migration Rather Than Invasion
The Rediscovery Of The Sarasvati River The Vedic Image Of The Ocean
Horses, Chariots And Iron Destroyers Of Cities
Vedic And Indus Religions

The So-called Racial War in the Vedas

Vedic Peoples The Aryan-Dravidian Divide
Vedic Kings And Empires Vedic Astronomical Lore
Painted Grey Ware Aryans In The Ancient Middle East
Indus Writing Sanskrit
Indian Civilization... The New Model
Ancient History Revised Political And Social Ramifications
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Awaken Bharata

From The River Of Heaven How I Became A Hindu
The Myth Of Aryan Invasion Of India

Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Despite Wheeler's comments, it is difficult to see what is particularly non-Aryan about the Indus Valley civilization.(*48)

Renfrew suggests that the Indus Valley civilization was in fact Indo-Aryan:

This hypothesis that early Indo-European languages were spoken in north India with Pakistan and on the Iranian plateau at the sixth millennium BC has the merit of harmonizing symmetrically with the theory for the origin of the Indo-European languages in Europe. It also emphasizes the continuity in the Indus Valley and adjacent areas from the early Neolithic through to the floret of the Indus Valley civilization.(*49)

In addition, it does not mean that the Rig Veda dates from the Harappan era. Harappan culture resembles that of the Yajur Veda and the Brahmanas, or the later Vedic era. If anything the Rig Veda appears to reflect the pre-Indus period in India, when the Sarasvati river was more prominent. 

46, 47, 48, 49. C. Renfrew, ARCHAEOLOGY AND LANGUAGE (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987), pp. 182, 188, 190, 196.


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About Indian Civilization, An Indegenous Development
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