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Dates of the Buddha:

The historicity of Buddha is accepted by all. But there is no unanimity of the date. In Sri Lanka, 483 BC is accepted as the date of his nirvana while in Burma 544 BC is accepted. In Tibet it is believed to be 835 BC, while in China, 11th century BC is the accepted date. Buddha was an Indian and the Indian Puranic tradition believes that the nirvana took place in 1793 or 1807 BC However, in the educational institutions, the chronology prepared by the British scholars is taught and according to them, the Ceylonese date i.e., 483 B. C is the date of nirvana. But in 1956 AD, the 2500th anniversary of the Mahanirvana was celebrated in India which means that the Burmese date was given recognition. One date is taught in educational institutions and functions are celebrated according to another date. It is said that the Burmese initiated the idea and funded the publications and a part of the celebrations. Is it not funny to note that historical dates change according to the availability of funds ? it is a pity that no body questioned why the functions were celebrated on a different date. Differences of opinion exist even on the date of Adi Shankara and strangely these differences do not prick the Indians.

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Bharateeya Historiography
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