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Harivandanam Suryanarayana Vandanam
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It was Sir. C.P.Ramaswamy Aiyar ( the then Dewan of Travancore State) who recognized the innate worth of Shri Seshdri. Hearing that such a great linguist and scholar was languishing as a sub-registrar, he commissioned him to translate into Malayalam such classics as Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Montaigne's Essays and Plutarch's Lives, as also for writing an original commentary on Bhagavad Gita, with the interpretations of Sankara, Ramanuja, Sri Aurobindo and Lokamanya Tilak. Sir C.P.then appointed him as the Superintendent of Travancore university's Department of Publishcations.

 In his later years, Shri Seshadri's talent and scholarship were utilized by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, for translating into Malayalam the great works of some Bengali.  Hindi and Marathi writers as well as the History of Peloponnesian war from Greek.  Shri Seshadri was a highly spiritual soul, endowed with the twin qualities of love and humility.  He passed away in Bombay in August, 1989.

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P.Seshadri Iyer
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