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Table of Contents


HINDU HISTORY - A Search for Our Present in History


Chapter One :
- INDIA through the Ages

How we Lived during Vedic Times

The Maurya Empire Politically Unifies us as One State

The Coming of Feudalism Changes Our Way of Life

Rajnamavali - Our Kings Who Presided Over Our Destiny

Rajput Resistance to the Muslim Aggression

The Times When We Lost Our Sovereignty to the Muslims

Marathas under Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Fight for Swaraj (Independence)

The British Come to Rule India and the Return of Indian Sovereignty


Chapter Two :
- Hindu Influences on Different Communities

Hinduism - The Essence of India

Buddhism - Our Message of Peace and Goodwill

Jainism - Gave us Non-Violence as an Ethical Outlook

Vedanta, Sankhya and Lokayata

Sikhism - Defended Our Self-Esteem and Re-asserted Our Original Humanist and Rationalist Outlook

Islam - Came first Seemingly as a Message of Universal Brotherhood and Later as an Aggressor to Blanket India in a Dark Age for 700 years

Christianity - Came first as a Message of Peace with the Apostle St. Thomas and then as a Colonial Power of the Portuguese and the British

Judaism - The Lost Tribes Found a Safe Haven in India

Zoroastrianism - Sought Refuge in India from Annihilation at the hands of Islam


Chapter Three : - The Hindu Ethos

Hindu Symbols and Symbolisms - Omkar, Swastika, the Saffron colour, and Purna-kumbha

Hindu Etiquette - Namaskar and Tilaka

Hindu Folklore - Satyuga and Kaliyuga, Pralaya, Swarga and Narka, and Surya Grahana

Hindu Religious Beliefs - Moksha, Upavasa, and Muhurta

Hindu Social Customs - Dowry, Sati and Child Marriage

Hindu Religious Practices - Yagna, and Dana and Gotra

Hindu Religious Practices - Dwanda Vivaha and Worship of the Mother Goddess


Chapter Four : - The Hindu Caste System

The Origins of Our Caste System in Vedic Times - Brahmins

The Origins of the Warrior Caste - Kshatriyas

Kshatriyas - As Protectors of Cows

Four Castes and Two Classes

Casteist Practices (Untouchability and Endogamy) and Casteism Today


Chapter Five : - Hindu Festivals

Popular Festivals - Diwali, Dusshera and Holi

Religious Festivals - Janmastami, Mahashivratri, Sri-Ramanavami and Nagpanchami

Social Life in Ancient India - An Outline


Chapter Six : - Ahimsa - Non-Violence

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) - A Noble Humanist Concept

The Roots of the Value of Non-Violence


Chapter Seven : - Secularism and Rational Humanism

The Roots of Religious Tolerance in Hinduism

Attitudes of Different Religious Communities Towards Secularism

Rationalism - The Intellectual Bedrock of Secularism

CONCLUSION - Rational Humanism - The Ultimate Human Outlook



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Production Technology and Mechanical Engineering

Shipbuilding and Navigation

Architecture and Civil Engineering



Physics and Chemistry

Medical Science

The Fine Arts

Sports and Games


Summing Up

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms


Free Graphics Pages on India and Hinduism

- A facility which Students will find useful


By Sudheer Birodkar



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