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Temples & Legends Of Assam
Index Of Assam Kulapati's Preface
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Introduction Kamakhya
Asvakranta Vasisthasrama
Umananda Ugra Tara
Sukresvara  The Navagraha
Hajo Dah Parbatiya
Sib Sagar Tamresvari
Sri Surya Ruins The Hatimura Temple
The Satras-I The Satras-II
The Satras-III The Barpeta Satra
Majuli Satra Glossary
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




It is a big and massive Satra noted for its artistic decoration. The Kirtanghar 'which has now been demolished, was decorated with finely engraved and painted wooden panels, depicting scenes from religious texts.' The paintings on the ceilings of Namghar and Manikut are a standing testimony to the patronage of art and paintin by the Satras.

The Barpeta Satra remains to the present day as the main source of inspiration to the Vaishnavas of Assam. It is even now regarded as the headquarters of the Mahapurushiyas. On festivals like
Janmashtami, Nandotsava. Dol-Jatra, Rasapurnima and on the observances of the saints' days, a large number of devotees visit the Satra and take part in the ceremonies. The Dol-Jatra is celebrated with great pomp even to day.

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Carvings On the Wall of the Barpeta Satra

About Barpeta satra

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