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"The sculpture is within a circle and the central figure which is within a circle is rimmed with another embossed circle. This is a male figure with four hands. Objects held in hands cannot be recognised. The god is four-faced, fourth one being on the back-side (not visible). The god is seated but his vehicle cannot be identified with precision. It may, however, be guessed that a swan has been depicted below, which is the vahana of Prajapati or Brahma. The central figure is surrounded by twelve miniature figures, which are seated. Each of these twelve figures is one-faced and two-armed holding certain objects possibly lotuses.

The central figure is Kasyapa who is often called Prajapati or creator of beings. Surya is an Aditya, the son of Aditi, wife of Kasyapa. According to the Puranas the Adityas are sun gods who are twelve in number. Thus these twelve miniature figures in a circle may be called the twelve Adityas with their father at the centre."3 The Kalika Purana mentions the Sri Surya mountain which was the perpetual abode of the Sun God (yatra deva adityahsatatam sthilah). The remains prove the prevalence of Sun worship in early Assam.

3. Ibid: P. 111.

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Sri Surya Ruins

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