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Temples & Legends of Himachal Pradesh
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Kulu - Manali Shyama Kali Temple
Manali Mandi
The Ardhanari Temple, Mandi Buddha Temple
Bijli Mahadev Idol Worship
Hidimba Banasur
Basishta Chamba
Kangra Area Manikaran
Bajreshwari Devi Chintpurni Devi Temple
Baijnath Temple Baglamukhi Deity And Her Temple
Chamunda Nandikeshwar Bilasur
Kinnaur Lahul   And Spiti
Wall Paintings Sirmur
Nath Temple  
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The story associated with Baglamukhi Devi is those centuries before people of Mandi State used to go to Guma village on Mandi-Pathankot road and used to scrape out rock-salt from the Guma salt mines. The path was without any habitation and the people going for salt would carry cooked food.

A man from Bhakli village, which has been submerged now by Beas project, was on his way to Guma for salt. On the way he stopped under a tree and opened his bundle of food and he found a stone in the midst of the eatables. He threw away the stone. At the second halt again on opening the food he found the same stone. He was bewildered and threw it away again.

At Guma and again on the way back the same miracle happened. Exasperated the man threw away again the stone into a stream called Bakhli.

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Temples & Legends Of Himachal Pradesh
About Baglamukhi
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