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Temples & Legends of Himachal Pradesh
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Kulu - Manali Shyama Kali Temple
Manali Mandi
The Ardhanari Temple, Mandi Buddha Temple
Bijli Mahadev Idol Worship
Hidimba Banasur
Basishta Chamba
Kangra Area Manikaran
Bajreshwari Devi Chintpurni Devi Temple
Baijnath Temple Baglamukhi Deity And Her Temple
Chamunda Nandikeshwar Bilasur
Kinnaur Lahul   And Spiti
Wall Paintings Sirmur
Nath Temple  
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Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




According to legend there was a severe and prolonged drought in Kangra area of Beas basin and hundreds of people started dying. A few devotees fasted and did havan and penance to propitiate goddess Durga. It is said the goddess showed them the spot where the breasts of Sati had fallen and wanted a temple to be built for the goddess Bajreshwari at that place.

Bajreshwari was another manifestation of gati. This mythical origin of Bajreshwari Devi and the temple enshrining her is firmly believed throughout Himachal Pradesh. Thousands of people visit the temple and the rush is greatest during the Navratra days.The valuable jewels and other articles offered to the deity by the devotees attracted the invasion of Sultan Mehmood of Ghazni in 1009.

It is said the temple was plundered and gold, silver and jewels were carried away. Sultan Mehmood left a small garrison at the place. But thirty-five years later the Hindu princes under the guidance of the Raja of Delhi regained possession. A replica of the idol was enshrined. In 1360 Emperor Feroz Tuglak again invaded Kangra and the temple was again plundered and desecrated. Emperor Akbar is supposed to have visited the temple with his dewan Todar Mal and restored the temple to its previous glory.

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Temples & Legends Of Himachal Pradesh
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