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Temples & Legends Of Himachal Pradesh
Index Of Himachal Pradesh Author
Introduction Background
Kulu - Manali Shyama Kali Temple
Manali Mandi
The Ardhanari Temple, Mandi Buddha Temple
Bijli Mahadev Idol Worship
Hidimba Banasur
Basishta Chamba
Kangra Area Manikaran
Bajreshwari Devi Chintpurni Devi Temple
Baijnath Temple Baglamukhi Deity And Her Temple
Chamunda Nandikeshwar Bilasur
Kinnaur Lahul   And Spiti
Wall Paintings Sirmur
Nath Temple  
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The evolution of the different types of temples in this region could well be studied with that of the other areas in the North and the South. There has hardly been any in-depth study of the aboriginal art or the folk music and dances in this region.

I have drawn heavily on some of the older travelogues, monographs, gazetteers and research pieces. My thanks are due to their authors. Mention has been made at the proper places of those authors. Mr. M. D. Momgain, Mr. M. S. Mukherii, I.A.S. and Mr. K. L. Vaidya have been kind to me by giving valuable ideas. My young friend, Mr. Binoy Mitra, a free-lance artist of Chandigarh, has given the line picture for the book cover. My friends in the Bhavan have taken great care for the production of the book. I am grateful to all of them.   I shall be happy if I have been able to catch the glory that the Himachal Pradesh temples are along with their immortal legends in the, following pages even to a small extent. I have enjoyed doing the book for the Bhavan and strengthening my ties with the great institution once again.

Author - P.C. Roy Chaudhury

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Temples & Legends Of Himachal Pradesh
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