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Madhukar Shripad Mate (born 1930, in Poons), educated at the Sir Parashuram College and the University, Poona,took the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in History.

As aResearch Scholar of the Deccan College under Dr, H. D. Sankalia, he did valuable research into the Architecture of the Maratha period. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1957 and joined the Sir Parashuram College as a Lecturer in History, Later he moved to the Deccan College where he has been handling Ancient Indian History (Art and Architecture).

Shri Mate was always interested in architectural monuments and undertook a study of those built by the Muslim rulers in Deccan, the medieval period claiming his special attention. He was also an active participant in various archaeological explorations and excavations conducted by the Deccan College, chief amongst them-being those at Nevasa and Ahar near Udaipur.

Shri Mate's thesis entitled 'Maratha Architecture', the first comprehensive and scientific study of the tectonic activities of the Marathas, has been published by the Poona University and the University Grass Commission. His other work, published by the Government of Maharashtra, is Antiquities of Nevasa', written in colla- boration with Dr. Sankalia.

He has also contributed many articles to Marathi journals on topics connected with Archaeology. Archaeology is in Shri Mate's blood and, still in the prime of youth, the promise he gives of enriching the fund of knowledge in the subject, is indeed big.

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