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Temples & Legends Of Somanatha

Kulapati's Preface


Preface To the first Edition

Preface To The Second Edition

Publisher's Note: Fourth Edition


List Of Illustrations

Somanatha- Lord Of Soma, The Moon God

Prabhasa In Historical Tradition

Dehotsarga-The Hallowed Spot

Shiva-Guardian Of National Resurgence

Shiva And His Worship

The First And The Second Temples

The Third Temple

The Guardian God Of Gujarat

Rise Of A Destroyer

Destruction of The Third Temple

The Fifth Temple

Renovation Of Tripurantaka

Destruction By All-Ud-Din Khilji

The Shrine Rises Again And Again

A Destroyer And A Restorer

A Great Restorer Rises

AS I Saw It

Planning: University Of Sanskrit

Preparation- Advisory Committee and The Trust


Somanatha-The Shrine Eternal

The Days Of Aurangzeb

The Mystery Of The Two Outlets: The First Temple

The Second, Third And Fourth Temples

The Fifth Temple


Historical Background

Introductory To Excavations

Objects Of The Excavations And A summary Of The Results

Descriptions Of The Cuttings

Conclusion: Identification And chronology Of The 'Original' Temple

Muslim Chroniclers On Somanatha

Stone Inscription In The Temple Of Bhadrakali

Stone Inscription At Veraval Under Bhima Deva II Of Junagadh

Cintra Prashasti Of The Reign Of Saranga Deva


Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The town of Somanatha-pattan, locally known as Patan (20-53' north lat. and 70-24' east long.) is situated on the south-western coast of Saurashtra in the traditional Prabhasa Kshetra-a place where the Yadavas are supposed to have fallen out amongst themselves and perished. About two miles further east, the three rivers -Saraswati, Hiranya and Kapila-before joining the sea, unite to form the Triveni, held unusually sacred as the scene of the cremation of the body of Lord Krishna Dehotsarga. Nearly a mile to the north-west is the famous Bhalaka Tirtha, the traditional spot of Lord Krishna's death-apotheosis.

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