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Temples & Legends of Tamilnadu
Preface Author
Introduction Kanyakumari
Gandhi Mandapam Maruda Malai
Suchindram Nagercoil
Tiruchendur Alwar Tirunagari
Srivaikuntam Nanguneri
Krishnapuram Tirunelveli
Papanasam Sankaranayinar Koil
Srivilliputhur Tirupparan- kunram
Madhurai Rameswaram
Darbhasayanam Tiruvadanai
Avadayar Koil Kaliyar Koil
Azhagar Koil


Tiruchirapalli Tiruvanaikkaval
Srirangam Tanjore
Punnainallur Tiruvalanchuzhi
Swamimalai Dharasuram
Saktimuttam Patteswaram
Mannargudi Vedaranyam
Tirunallar Karaikal
Tirukkadaiyur Mayavaram
Vaitheeswaran Koil Pullavane- swaram
Chayavanam Tiruvengadu
Shiyali Chidambaram
Tiruppatiripuliyur Tiruvannamalai
Kiratamar- jareswaram Madurantakam
Cheyyur Kancheepuram
Tirukkazhuk- kunram Mahabalipuram
Tirupporur Tiruvadantai
Tiruvanmiyur Mylapore
Triplicane Vadapalani
Tiruvottiyur Tirumullaivayil
Tiruvallur Tiruttani
Uppilliappan Koil Kumbakonam
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Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The pot containing nectar and the seed of creation was decorated by Lord Brahma with the sacred thread. A coconut was placed over it with mango leaves and Darbha grass and the same was kept on the peak of Mount Meru. At the time of deluge, the sacred pot was carried by the currents to Kumbakonam where it got tilted. Now Lord Siva came here disguising himself as a hunter and aimed an arrow at the vessel and broke it.

The place from where Lord Siva aimed the arrow at the pot came to be known as Banapuresam (banam means arrow). There is a shrine here for Lord Siva under the name Banapuriswarar. Due to the impact f the arrow on the pot, the coconut, mango leaves, sacred thread, etc., with which the vessel had been decorated, fell at different places, where we find today shrines dedicated to Siva.

Of these the Nageswara temple deserves mention. It has been constructed in such a way that the rays of the sun enter into the sanctum sanctorum through the openings in the gopuram only three times in a year and the rays fall right on the idol and this is considered as the worship of the Lord by Surya.

The nectar in the broken pot spread out on the ground up to a distance of 5 Krosas, i.e., 10 miles, and touched the five famous shrines of Siva around Kumbakonam, namely Tiruvidaimarudur, Tirunageswarm, Tiru Dharasuram, Tiruvoragam and Tirupadalvanam, and hence these five places came to be known as Pancha Krosa Sthalas.

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Temples & Legends Of Tamilnadu
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