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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Thrikkakarai - Thrikkakkaraiappan Ambalam 

One among such temples is the Thrikkakarai temple, where the Moolavar is worshipped as Vamanamurti. The Malayalam term Thrikkakarai means Vamana in Sanskrit. The legend takes us to Kritayuga and the exact period of Mahabali's rule over the present Kerala state. He conquered Swarga with his unusual physical and super-natural powers obtained by deep penance. He was hailed as Trilokadhipathi and ruled the world with righteousness unlike the asuras in the past. His administration won great admiration by his subjects and they lived in prosperity. On account of paramount over three worlds, he grew egoistic. With a view to humble his pride and restore Devendra with Swargadhipatya, Sri Mahavishnu was born as Vamaha - the short statured, highly learned, pleasant-faced bachelor. And after mastering Vedic lore from his father Kasyap, he went on bhikshatana along with his fellow-students. During then he met Bali Chakravarti. Underestimating that puny brahmin beggar, Bali asked him to name anything to be granted at once. Vamana awaitiang it, asked for three feet land for doing penance. He granted. Instantaneously assumed His cosmic form and started measuring. With one foot he covered the entire earth and with the other Aakasa. He then demanded space for the other foot. The truthful Bali showed his head. Vamana then pushed him into the nether world- patala. And having had no blot on his spotless paripalana and personal life, Vamana made him the sole ruler of Patala and volunteered His services of keeping guard at the portal of his fort. Accepting it, he prayed to the Lord to permit him visiting his erst-while kingdom once a year. It was granted. So he has been visiting the earth since then in the Chingom month and it is celebrated with unparalleled religious fervour. And it is a national festival called ONAM. A befitting temple was built later and a town was commemorated in his name and it is called Mavelikara. This Moolavar is very powerful and rains boons instantly, it soulful prayers are offered. Here is an illustration of His abundant anugrah.


Once a gardener, raising plantain trees had a problem. Though he paid every attention, like selecting right saplings, pouring water timely and adding the requisites manure, the trees failed to bring forth bunches of fruits similar to those of his neighbours. He sought advice from the a experts and implemented their advice, but in vain. When drowned in gloom and despair he turned his head up and prayed to God. He visited the Thrikkakarai temple and implored the Lord to come to his rescue. His Bhashmabhishekam melted the lord. So that year there was bumper crop, and the gardener danced in joy. In consequence, he made a golden plantain bunch and offered it to the Lord Vamana. Vamana's sports were duly publicized by this occurrence and the temple became famous.

During the time of His ascending popularity, a certain devout Sanyasi who was dwelling here and carrying on congregational activities was accused of stealing the golden plaintain bunch donated by that gardener. A clear case of a false case foisted on him by a deceitful man. The king in haste passed death sentence on him. The highly evolved recluse unable to bear the humiliation committed suicide, before the day of punishment with a supplication to the bhaktas to erect one bamboo shed and offer prayers to the Lord, whom he held in great devotion. They did. Yet the sanyasi due to infatuation for the place started roaming about in pisachi form in the nights. The frightened public prayed to the lord to rid of the nocturnal torture, and the Lord advised them to build a small shrine for regular worship. Pleased bhaktas compiled with their request.


The temple facing cast is a moderately sued Kerala type of temple with all the essential parts. The Moolavar locally called Thrikkakkarai Appall is made of granite stone and is in standing posture with His two consorts called Vatsalyavalli and Perunselvanayaki to his light and left sides. The garbhagriha is adorned with a vimana called pushkala. There is a separate mandir for Kapilamuni here. It is believed that this temple owes its origin to Kapila mahamuni. There is a pond here called Kapila thirtham used for bath before availing the darsan of the Lord. It is a much-frequented temple with celebration of many periodical festivals on a grand scale.

It lies 15 km off Angamali of Trichur district of Kerala. It is a rail head on the Trichur railway line. And accessible by bus from there.


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