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The first was Devayani, daughter of Shukra of the Bhrigus, the guru of the Daityas. The second was Sharmishtha, daughter of Vrisha Pavan, king of the Daityas. Thereby Yayati allied himself both with the Daitya kings and their gurus, bringing the blood lines of both Devas and Asuras and their gurus together. 

Yayati's youngest son Puru, born of Sharmishtha of the Asuras, inherited his central Sarasvati kingdom, which became the basis for many of the dynasties of later India including the Kurus, under whose patronage the Vedas were compiled, who therefore had Asuric blood in their veins. Yayati's oldest son Yadu, took over the region of the Daityas. 

The Yadus then became a very  powerful military people, perhaps reflecting their Daitya connections. The Dravidians were regarded as descendants of Yayati's second son Turvasha, who was also a son of Devayani and in the line of the Bhrigus.

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About The Ancestry Of Ravana
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