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In this regard Rama's defect of Ravana reflects other battles to subdue the Yadus, which are the main conflicts mentioned in Vedic and Puranic literature. These include Parashurama's defeat of the Yadus (Kartavirya Arjuna), Sagara of Ayodhya's defeat of the Yadus (the Haihayas), and Divodasa of Kahi's defeat of the Yadus (Vitihavya). The Yadus had the greatest and largest Kingdoms of the Vedic people, and required keeping their prowess in check. 

Ravana was probably another militant Yadu similar to Kansa, the Yadu king of Mathura, who oppressed Krishna and family. Yet the Yadus also produced many great sages, like Krishna and Ravana's own brother Vibhishana, and the other Aryan groups produced their share of evil men as well, like Duryodhana, the enemy of Arjuna, who was of the Kuru-Puru line.

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About The Ancestry Of Ravana
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