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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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How then do we discover this wisdom tradition? It is not merely a human phenomenon but is inherent in the cosmic mind. It is the basis of all creation and the very intelligence behind the workings of nature. Only through diving deep into the cosmic mind through profound meditation can we approach this universal knowledge. It requires divesting ourselves of all beliefs and preconceptions and coming into contact with the ground of Being itself. Then such Truth can come through us apart from the limitations of our human mind and personality.

The conscious seeking of universal spiritual Truth, however, has not always been the isolated phenomenon that it has been in the Western world, which has been dominated either by belief-oriented religion or materialistic science. There is one religion which has always formulated itself as a universal tradition. This is the religion we know as Hinduism, whose correct name is Sanatana Dharma, literally "the universal or eternal tradition." 

Hinduism does not rest upon any singular formation or belief system but has remained open to all approaches to Truth, through a great variety of spiritual teachers and practices apart from any organized dogma.


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