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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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On an inner level, Hinduism defines itself through Self-knowledge, which is the basis of the system of Vedanta, the summit (anta) of spiritual knowledge or wisdom (veda). As the higher and inward aspect of the Vedic teaching, Vedanta remains relevant to everyone, including those who find the outer forms of Hinduism difficult to understand.

The Hindu tradition, being a conscious formulation of a universal tradition of Self-knowledge, carried on by many yogis and sages of all temperaments since the dawn of history, provides a good foundation on which to renew a global formulation of the tradition of perennial wisdom. This is not to say that Hinduism is the sole representative of the universal tradition. Obviously a universal tradition cannot be owned by anyone, or reduced to any region of the globe. 

Yet the beauty of Hinduism is that it is a religion which is open to the universal and not closed in an exclusive belief system. Hinduism is not centered on any single figure like Christ, Mohammed or Buddha. It has no standard creed or practice. It is an open tradition of spiritual search that accepts all true human aspiration regardless of its name and form.


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