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Question 3

Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Simplified > Question 3

Question 3

Child : Could you tell me some more about reincarnation in Hinduism?

Mother : Yes my child. The word reincarnation literally means coming again into physical body. According to our scriptures, a soul passes into a body at birth and migrates into another body at death. The change of the bodies is just like putting a new garment and discarding it when it is worn out. The kind of body the soul enters into at death determined by one's actions (karma) in present life. A person's karma determines in what form he will reappear. He may come back in a higher (human) or lower (animal) life form. Good karma in the present life leads to a better next life and bad karma in the present life leads to a worst next life. This cycle of rebirth continues until one achieves liberation from worldly bondage (moksha). At the liberated stage a soul becomes godly and reincarnation stops.

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Published on: 2003-02-28 (2429 reads)

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Question 3
Question 3
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