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Hindu Books > Hindutva

Integral Humanism

Arguably, more than any other, this book formulates the Hindutva philosophy as it pertains to various social and political aspects of a society. The author Late Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya was a political leader, who was a philosopher at heart.

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Arise Arjuna

Dr. David Frawley has written a number of articles and essays on current issues in Hinduism. These reflect the social, intellectual and historical issues that are important in Hinduism today. They are expanded and compiled in this popular book.

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Awaken Bharata

Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) calls for the awakening of Bharat (India) in this book - Awaken Bharata - A Call For India's Rebirth.

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Modernisation Without Westernisation

Author Sri Dattopant Thengadi is recognized by scholars as philosopher and visionary. He is the founder of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (the biggest labor union in India today), the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and the Samajik Samarasata Manch. In this book, he lays down his philosophy of how India can be modernised without the undue effects of Westernization.

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Supreme Court Judgement On "Hindutva" An Important Land Mark

Author, M Rama Jois, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, presents his detailed commentary on the definition of Hindutva by the Supreme Court of India.

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Why Hindu Rashtra ?

Misconceptions abound about what is Hindu rashtra, and how the concept of Hindutva fits in with the current Indian state, and how it would affect the religious minorities. The authors of this book, H V Seshadri, K S Sudarshan, K. Surya Narayan Rao, Prof. Balraj Madhok have spent a life ....

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The Hindu Phenomenon

Late Shree Girilal Jain was the former editor of Times of India. His book, written after the watershed event of the destruction of Babri structure built on Shree Ram Janma Bhoomi temple has a comprehensive discussion pertaining to the Hindu renaissance movement.

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Published on: 2003-02-07 (25275 reads)

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