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Hindu Scriptures

Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures

The Vedas

There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. They also had a vast influence on Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, was composed about 1500 B.C., and written down about 600 B.C.

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The Vedanta - Sutras

The Vedanta - Sutras with commentary by Ramanuja, translated by George Thibaut; (Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48) [1904]

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The Upanishads

Max Muller, translator [1879] (Sacred Books of the East, vols. 1 and 15). The Upanishads are a continuation of the Vedic philosophy, and were written between 800 and 400 B.C. They elaborate on how the soul (Atman) can be united with the ultimate truth (Brahman) through contemplation and mediation, as well as the doctrine of Karma -- the cumulative effects of a persons' actions.

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Books on Ramayana and Mahabharata....

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Bhagwad Gita

Various versions of Shree Bhagwad Gita.

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Tiru Kural

Ancient scripture, originally written in Tamil. Throughout the book, the poet brings everything down to the level of practicality without losing hold of the ideal. This translation is by Rajaji.

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Yoga Sutra Of Patanjali

Yoga Sutra, written by Sage Panini.

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Astavakra Gita

Translated by John Richards, Astavakra Gita is a dialog between Janaka and Astavakra.

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Maniishhaa Panchakam

Written by Adi Shankara, this book propounds the philosophy of Advaita (non-dualistic) Vedanta.

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Bhaja Govindam

Sri Sankara composed a number of hymns to foster the snese of devotion in the hearts of mankind and this "Bhaja Govindam" is one of these hymns.

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Manu Smruti : The Laws of Manu

Written by Manu, Manu Smruti (Smriti) is perhaps one of the most controvertial of Hindu scriptures, however, most experts believe that Smruti, is a set of laws, and not really a scripture - valid only for the time it was written, and not eternal. Also, it is doubtful if the present version is the original rendering.

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charaNashRiN garahita naTaraajastotram

A hymn by Sage Patanjali. Before beginning any spiritual text it is customary to clear the mind of all distracting thoughts, to calm the breath and to purify the heart.

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The Institutes of Vishnu

Julius Jolly, translator [1880] (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 7) This is also one of the law books of Hinduism. It contains several notable passages, including descriptions of yogic practises, and a moving hymn to the Goddess Prajapati.

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The Devi Gita

This is an excerpt from a much larger work, the the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam. This self-contained text describes an incarnation of the Devi, the Goddess and translated by Swami Vijnanananda (Hari Prasanna Chatterji) [1921].

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