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Question 15

Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Simplified > Question 15

Question 15

Child : Mom, can you please tell me something about Yoga? People often talk about Yoga exercises, and they say that these originally came from Hindus.

Mother : Yes, they are correct. Hindus seek enlightenment through Yoga. Yoga is a vast system of seeking spirituality in life by controlling body and mind. The word itself means "union with God." There are several paths for achieving this union and there are several Yogas mentioned in our scriptures. One of many Yogas is Hatha Yoga and deals with physical exercises for good health. Asanas and breath control system is called pranayama. These asanas and pranayamas are based on activating the seven coiled energy centers in the human body called chakras. It is logical that good health will induce a sound mind, hence better concentration on God can be realized. It is this particular Yoga, which is only a small part of the Hindu Yoga system that you often hear about in the western world.

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Published on: 2003-02-28 (2664 reads)

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Question 15
Question 15
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