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Ancient History Revised

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Hindu Books > Books By David Frawley > The Myth Of The Aryan Invasion Of India > Ancient History Revised


We have examined the Aryan invasion theory and seenhow it has continually failed to prove itself. It has triedto readjust itself to new evidence that has graduallyundermined it and now leaves nothing left to hold it up.Therefore we must look at the history of India and theworld in the light of the collapse of the invasion theory.The acceptance of a Vedic nature to Harappan andpre-Harappan civilization creates a revolution in our viewof history, not just of India but of the entire world.

First it equates Indo-European peoples with one of thelargest and oldest of ancient civilizations not in Europe orthe Middle East but in South Asia. The idea that theIndo-Europeans were originally nomads or primitive inculture and took over civilization from the people of theMiddle East is thereby called into question.

Author : David Frawley

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Ancient History Revised
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