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Many persons entertain wrong notions about Yajnas...?

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Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Through Questions And Answers > Many persons entertain...


Question 4. Many persons entertain wrong notions about Yajnas and Yagas. Is it possible to otter rational explanations to the objections often raised by them?

If we are interested in living happily in this world, there must be the spirit of mutual co operation amongst us. To help others when we are helped by them, nay, to serve the society to the extent possible, should be our motto.

According to the Hindu concept, world does not mean only the human beings. It includes the animal kingdom as also vegetation and other aspects or nature. There are sentient beings who control these aspects and powers of nature. They are called Devatas or deities, The Yajnas and Yagas are the rites by which these. deities are propitiated. The Shastras or holy scriptures are the basic authority for this concept.

Pleased by these rites, these deities grant us rain, food, health, wealth and progeny, and protect us from evil. Thus, when human beings and the deities appease and please on another, the whole world feels satisfied. This is the basic idea behind the system of Vedic sacrifices.

Lighting the fire according to the directions given in the holy books, inviting the deities into that fire through appropriate Mantras or chants and offering oblations to them for the fulfillment of one's desires this is the essence of the prescribed process of such sacrifices.

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Many persons entertain wrong notions about Yajnas...?
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