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When we observe the evolution of Hinduism through the ages...

Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Through Questions And Answers > When we observe the evolution of Hinduism through the ages...

35. When we observe the evolution of Hinduism through the ages and recognize that it is still a powerful living faith in spite of the various vicissitudes it had to pass through, we are obliged to concede that there must be some basic enduring quality. Do the various reform movements in Hinduism have a hand in shaping it?

Undoubtedly. Hinduism has an enduring trait which has been shaped. sustained and strengthened by the various reform movements over the ages. Otherwise it would not have shown such resilience, like the centre of gravitydoll. People of alien faiths and cultures in spite of their barbaric invasions spread over centuries, did not succeed in uprooting Hindu religion and culture from its native soil.

On the other hand, once the shock waves passed off, these aliens were quietly absorbed into the general. fabric of our society. The basic reason for this trait is the appearance of great religion cultural leaders at such critical periods of our history, who imparted the necessary light, wisdom and dynamism to the Hindu society. Any society worth the name, if it is interested in being healthy and strong, should give ample scope and opportunity to its members for self introspection and constructive criticism.

This will enable it to spot out its weak spots and eliminate them. It will also help it to recognize its strong points, to strengthen them further. There is no gainsaying the fact that for centuries, Hindu society has given such freedom and opportunity for dissent and constructive criticism to its constituent groups as also individuals. This is the greatest single factor that has kept it alive and dynamic. However, this freedom should not be abused, creating internal enemies, as it has, sometimes, been happening.

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Published on: 2003-03-03 (1747 reads)

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