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It seems that the Hindu society is now at the crossroads of history.

Hindu Books > Introduction and References > Hinduism Through Questions And Answers > It seems that the Hindu society is now at the crossroads of history.

Question 39. It seems that the Hindu society is now at the crossroads of history. What should we do to build up a new Hindu society based on the eternal values of Hinduism?

Firstly: We have to lead a good life as suggested in the foregoing section. This can generate the power necessary for rebuilding our society.

Secondly: We have to develop strength physical, intellectual and spiritual and harmonize these aspects of strength into one strength, that of character. Transcending all the internal differences to achieve unity in spite of diversity is the need of the hour. Establishing. Vyayamasalas (gymnasia), conducting study groups to disseminate our religion among our own people, holding group prayers in the chief temples of the village or town at least once in a week these three activities can help in the development of the three aspects of strength indicated above.

Thirdly: The more developed sections of our society, whether in respect of education or culture or wealth, should make special efforts to bring the backward sections also to the same level of progress they themselves have achieved. They must cultivate the attitude that the whole society is like a family and that it is their duty to help others even as the elders in a family help the youngsters with affection. Otherwise, there is the grim prospect of the weaker sections, exploited and oppressed over centuries, leaving us for good. The responsibility for this would squarely rest on the shoulders of the advanced sections.

Fourthly: Those who had left the Hindu fold either due to ignorance or our ill treatment should be welcomed back into the fold, with love and affection, and given, due recognition, status and protection. In rebuilding the new Hindu society, the leaders of all castes, cults and groups have a great obligation to fulfil.

They must urgently evolve a few simple Samskaras common to all the Hindus, which can make every Hindu feel he is a Hindu and belongs to a great brotherhood. It is interesting to note here that Swami Vivekananda once declared that there were no Sudras in the Hindu society. The so called Sudras and others were all Vratyas, those who had lost their Dvija hood due to lack of the proper Samskaras. He advocated Dvijikarana (making into Dvijas) for all of them. This is a programme that deserves serious consideration and implementation by an concerned.

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Published on: 2003-03-03 (1695 reads)

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