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How To Conduct Puja To Lord Shiva

Hindu Books > Worship > How To Conduct Puja To Lord Shiva


The scriptures tell us that in this modern age, the easiest path to the Godhead is through Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.

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Worshipping ought to be a personal experience. At the philosophical level, the object of worship is worship itself.

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Shiva is one of the Hindu trinity that comprises the creator Brahma, the protector Mahaavishnu, and the godhead Shiva whose primary.

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First and foremost begin with cleansing, i.e. clean the area where the altar is to be set up. This should face the eastern direction if possible

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Altar Set Up

The Altar which we need to set during the puja to God Shiva deals at here.

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Prayers To Ganapati

Before starting the puja proper, it is essential to contemplate Mahaganapati to assure ourselves that no obstacles interfere with a smooth.

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Shuddhi (Cleaning)

In order to assure ourselves that any and all evil tendencies are removed from the worship room, we start with a prayer to Shiva.

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Naagendra haaraaya thriloochanaaya bhasmaangadhaaraaya maheshwaraaya

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Now we are ready to invoke Shiva and offer Upachaaraas (reception with reverence). With folded hands,

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Now stand up and do a pradakshina (circumambulation) turning three times in a circle to your right.

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Now the Puja can be completed with an aarati. Om jayajagadeeshahare is recommended. If ashtoththara is to be ....

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List Of Materials Needed

The Material which we should have before conducting Puja are listed here. Picture of Shiva, Table, bench or box, Two stainless steel or silver vessels....

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Other Puja Booklets In The Series

Soorya, Shiva, Sriramachandra, Srikrishna, Mahaaganapati, Mahaalakshmi ....

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Talks And Published Papers By The Author

Some of the important talks and published papers by the author. Hindus and Holidays

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The Author - Dr. Srinivasan

Dr. Srinivasan was born in the village of Amruthur, Kunigal Taluk in the Karnataka State. He functions as a Hindu Priest.

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I want to thank my wife Kamla, and my brother Chi. A. V. Narasimhan of Bangalore..

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Published on: 2003-03-08 (19686 reads)

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