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Christianity and National Unity

Hindu Books > Social And Contemporary Issues > A Retrospect Christianity In India > Christianity and National Unity

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One wonders why Christian proselytisation should lead to an excess of love-bond with a Western country. For some time it was even justified as a . n attempt to stem the tide of communism. The converts were given not only a psychological affinity with the people of the Western' countries but were weaned away from the national society. The language, the script, the dress, other modes of life, the feasts and the festivals, names and nomenclatures all undergo a change. it is this aspect of Christianity that has today come into conflict with nationalism and has created a strong suspicion in the minds of the national societies. That explains why conversion of a man to Christianity is not just a change in the form of worship but a change in the priority of loyalties. That again explains why Christians are looked upon. by many as a potential fifth column.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a bitter critic of the traditional Hindu society and announced that he would change his religion. But he rejected Islam and Christianity as alternatives though there were tempting offers and invitations. Why did he reject them? He said : "If my people become Muslims they become denationalised and if they become Christians British rule will be strengthened". One wonders why an increase in the number of Christians strengthen the British rule? In the words of Lord Halifax, the Secretary of State, "Every additional Christian is an additional bond of Union with this Country and an additional source of strength to the empire".

The creation of Nagaland is a glaring example in point. That open rebellion going an in the Naga Hills is all engineered by the Christian missionaries was acepted even by Nehru. The Nagas used foreign arms against Indian army. They were American arms. Our Planes were shot down. The rebel leader of this gangsterism fled the country and he was given asylum by a noted Christian Missionary - Michael Scott Who abetted him in making various statements damaging our reputation. International pressure, to which our Delhi rulers were unduly sensitive, was built up by the Christians. They started peace talks and the peace mission included this gentleman Michael Scott. The dream is to convert Nagaland into an independent State ridden and dominated by the Christian fanatics. Today, when a Christian Naga comes to Shillong he says, I am going to India as if he is a non-Indian.

The troubles that the Indians experienced during the agitation for a separate Jharkahnd in Bihar, the desecration of ancient Hindu temples in Kerala including Shobarimalai, the trouble engineered at the Vivekanand Rock Memorial premises at Kanyakumari, the recent troubles at Nilakkal in Kerala and the pitched battles which the rebel Mizos are fighting with Indian army are all the gifts of Christians. Christianity in India today is losing its identity as a religion and acquiring the identity of an imperialist ideology. Their religious functionaries are more than priests. In the words of an African nationalist : "When they (Christian Missionaries) came, we had the land and they had the Bible, and today we have the Bible and they have our land".

Author : Shripaty Sastry

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Published on: 2003-03-11 (2180 reads)

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Christianity and National Unity
Page 1
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