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Vedic Kings And Empires

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Hindu Books > Books By David Frawley > The Myth Of The Aryan Invasion Of India > Vedic Kings And Empires


Vedic Kings And Empires

Vedic texts like Shatapatha and Aitareya Brahmanas list a group of ten to sixteen kings, including a number of figures of the Rig Veda like Sudas, as having conquered the region of India from "sea to sea."(*37) Lands of the Vedic people are mentioned in these texts from Gandhara (Afghanistan) in the west to Videha (Bihar) in the east, and south to Vidarbha (Maharashtra), as well as from the western to the eastern oceans.

The lands mentioned in the Vedas are much vaster in scope than those in any other ancient literature. The Vedas are hardly the pronouncements of a limited local culture or new intruders who had not yet known the region.

37. Aitareya Brahmana VIII.21-23; Shatapatha Brahmana XIII.5.4.

Author : David Frawley

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Vedic Kings And Empires
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