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Initial Muslim Invasions And Of Later Regimes Of Sultans And Badshahs

Hindu Books > History > Initial Muslim Invasions And Of Later Regimes Of Sultans And Badshahs

About The Author - Purushottam Nagesh Oak

Purushottam Nagesh Oak was born at 9.54 a.m. on March 2, 1917 at Indore, India in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. His father conversed with him only in Sanskrit, mother in English, family relations in Marathi and the town-folk in Hindi.

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This volume represents only a small cross-section of the vast number of Muslim chronicles, chronicles that have recorded the fiendish deeds of Islamic raiders and rulers for over a millennium in India alone.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Accounts of initial Muslim invasions and of later regimes of Sultans and Badshahs who had made Delhi (or Agra) their capital, is presented in this volume. Most of these appeared earlier as a series of articles from 1966 to 1968 in the Mother India, edited by the renowned Baburao Patel of Bombay.

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Chapter 2 - Mohammed Qasem : Monster Marauder

In medieval history, the portion which describes how swarms of lusty fanatic and illiterate Arabs went berserk in a globe- girdling and blood-curdling orgy under the specious plea of spreading holy Islam, makes sickening reading.

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Chapter 3 - Mohammed Ghazni : Thief, Gangster And Idol Breaker

It took nearly two and one half centuries after a three-year- rape of Sind (712-715 A.D.) by Mohammed Qasem for West Asian gangsters to return to their beastly activities along the Indian borders.

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Chapter 4 - Mohammed Ghori : Terrorist And Tyrant

Mohammed bin Qasem, Mohammed Ghazni and Mohammed Ghori form the trinity Muslim Mohammeds, who spread terror and horror in India and other countries, which had the misfortune of attracting their depredations. Nothing was too mean or too beastly for them.

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Chapter 5 - Prithvi Raj Chauhan : The Stupid Emperor

The career of Prithvi Raj Chauhan has a tragic irony of its own. Though among the bravest of India's warrior heroes, his political naivet=82 bordering on stupidity caused India to knuckle under Muslim rule and usher in an era of unmitigated rape, plunder, chaos, repression ....

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Chapter 6 - Kutubuddin Aibak : The Slave Sultan

It is a tragic irony of fate that the first alien king within living memory, who enslaved the Indian people and defiled the sacred, ancient Hindu throne of Delhi by barbarities perpetrated in the name of Islam, was himself a slave sold many times over in the slave markets of West Asian Islamic countries.

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Chapter 7 - Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khilji : The Destroyer of Hindu Temples And Universities

Muhammad ibn Bakhtiyar Khilji is a cursed name in the history of human progress because he had a penchant for seeking out and destroying world-famous Hindu seats of learning. That Muslim fiend, a sold and resold slave, dismissed from several posts for being a bully and a nuisance ....

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Chapter 8 - Altmash : The Handsome 'BADMASH'

In a corner of the Muslim devastated Hindu temple-complex which surrounds the so called Kutub Minar in Delhi lies burrowed and buried the body of Altmash - a Muslim slave of slaves whose gory deeds are a perpetual stain on the sacred ancient throne of Delhi.

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Chapter 9 - Sultana Raziya : Murderess Dethroned Raped And Killed

Medieval Muslim court life was an infernal machine with the devilish ruler as its hub and the hierarchy of ax-grinding henchmen for its many cogs. To keep that machine running it had to be constantly fed with bribery, nepotism, murder, massacre, rape and rapine.

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Chapter 10 - The Bedlam After Raziya : Monsters After Monsters

Bedlam and bestiality are two words which pithily summarize the one-thousand-year long Muslim rule in India. While Muslim rulers - courtiers, princes and slaves - endlessly plotted and counter- plotted against one another and brutally murdered one another ....

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Chapter 11 - Balban : The Monster

In medieval history, the alien Slave dynasty littered in India by Mohammed Ghori was the first to drive Islamic nails in the coffin of India's freedom. The penultimate fiend of that dynasty, and the last to rule for 20 long and gory years, was Ghiyasuddin Balban.

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Chapter 12 - Jalaluddin Khilji : Nephew Kills Uncle

Hindu baiting which had been the cruel sport of fanatic individual marauders since the seventh century in the name of Islam, later hardened into a breathtaking relay in which dynasty after Muslim dynasty carried forward Islam's blood-dripping sword and burn Hindus and their land.

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Chapter 13 - Allauddin Khilji : The Iconoclast

In the dark age of a millennium of Muslim tyranny in India every ruler was born and bred to a prototype of violence and villainy, treachery and tyranny. The name of the ruler hardly made any difference.

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Chapter 14 - Kutubuddin Khilji : The Sultan In Saree

In the 1,000-year-long drama of Muslim misrule in Hindusthan there were at times some unintended weird tragic-comic interludes. One such was provided by the lewd excesses of the last teenager of the Khilji dynasty, Sultan Kutubuddin, who had a penchant for the female attire.

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Chapter 15 - Ghiyasuddin Tughlak : The Devil Murdered By His Son

Teaching and research of medieval Indian history has been reduced to a farce in educational institutions the world over because of certain absurd assumptions. They all facetiously and fallaciously assume and presumptuously conjure and concoct accounts of so called ....

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Chapter 16 - Mohammed Tughlak : The Mad Monster

While dishonest Indian historians lustily hail Mohammed Tughlak as a well-meaning sultan whose so called reformist plans all went awry, a few, little more honest and intelligent, but not quite so discerning, dub him a mad man.

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Chapter 17 - Firozshah Tughlak : The Bloodthirsty Panther

Ferozshah Tughlak who grabbed the throne after the death of Mohammed Tughlak is yet another Muslim tyrant who has been suffered to masquerade in Indian history as a great benefactor of Hindusthan.

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Chapter 18 - Tamerlain : Or Timur The Lame

As though the steady blood-letting of Hindusthan in dynastic relays by Muslims was not enough, their 1000-year-long atrocious rule in India was off and on punctuated by specialized horror- masters like Tamerlain, Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali.

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Chapter 19 - Bahlol Lodi : Satan Of Delhi

In the dynastic succession of alien invaders to the medieval Delhi sultanate, the Lodis added a new dimension to the villainy of the Sayyids. Bahlol was the founder of the sadist Lodi sultans of Delhi who continued the tradition of perpetrating horrid cruelties in the name of Islam.

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Chapter 20 - Sikandar Lodi : The Half-Caste Butcher

If any gradation is at all possible among the alien sultans who infested Hindusthan for a millennium spilling Hindu blood in fanatic fury, then Sikandar Lodi should rank among the fiercest. This handsome, half-caste satan was born as the third son of his father Bahlol from the abduction ....

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Chapter 21 - Humayun : Drunkard, Drug-Addict, Debauche

Humayun, the second Moghul emperor, was a third rate man and a first rate drunkard, debauch and drug-addict. He was also a murderer and molester. His father, Babur bred Humayun into a perfect prototype of himself. He was constrained to warn his son Humayun ....

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Chapter 22 - Sher Shah : The Unscrupulous

From the time of the massive Islamic invasions of India by Mohammed Qasem (712 A.D.), Mohammed Ghazni and Mohammed Ghori, break away Muslim freebooters kept on pushing into and penetrating different regions to lodge themselves there as so many menacing viruses.

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Chapter 23 - Akbar : How Great Was He?

Those who rule in Delhi are thinking of naming a new State-owned hotel after Akbar, the Moghul emperor. This being done probably to fabricate the secular balance because one hotel in Delhi is named after Emperor Ashok.

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Chapter 24 - Rana Pratap : Immortal Hero

Rana Pratap's name straddles across the pages of Indian history like a colossus. His deeds of superb, tenacious, unbending and unyielding valor defying the immense might of a cruel and rapacious enemy like Akbar, have few parallels in world history.

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Chapter 25 - Jehangir : The Fourth Moghul

Like his father Akbar, Jehangir was a vicious ruler. The Memoirs that he is supposed to have written of his reign are designed to mislead posterity. Underlining this aspect of his Memoirs, the late British historian Sir H.M. Elliot says that despite Jehangir's claim to that effect it has been too ....

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Chapter 26 - Shahjahan : The Pock-Marked Forger

Hunted by the alien scepter and haunted by the specter of Hindu-Muslim unity slogans for a thousand years the teacher-and- writer of Indian history has been unwittingly trapped in to writing wishful, sanctimonious concoctions in suppression of actual facts of history.

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Chapter 27 - Taj Mahal : The Most Sensational Discovery In 300 Years

The stunning revelation in this chapter, backed by conclusive proof, that the world famous Taj Mahal is after all not the creation of the cruel, lecherous Moghul emperor Shah Jahan but an ancient majestic Hindu palace, should shame generations of scholars of Indian history....

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Chapter 28 - Aurangzeb : The Worst Of The Moghuls

Aurangzeb's name is anathema in Indian history because it connotes the very apex of vice, venom and villainy, and torture, treachery and tyranny. None of Aurangzeb's atrocities were secular, even if that be any consolation. They were carried out methodically, ruthlessly in the name of Islam for the glory (sic) of the Mussalman.

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Chapter 29 - The Moghul Rump : After Aurangzeb

Five hundred years of Muslim misrule (1206 to 1707 A.D.) had transformed the usurped Delhi throne into so dreaded a death-trap that after Aurangzeb many a time when the Moghul crown went abegging for a figurehead-emperor, influential courtiers rummaged ....

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Chapter 30 - Post Script

This volume records mainly sample atrocities committed by early Muslim raiders and subsequent rulers who made Delhi or Agra, their capital. Therefore, the resistance put up by two outstanding Hindu warriors, namely Prithviraj Chauhan and Rana Pratap in North India have been ....

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Published on: 2003-06-19 (11544 reads)

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