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The Upanishads Volume. I

Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures > The Upanishads > The Upanishads Volume. I

Introduction To The Upanishads, Volume. 1

Includes the Preface to the Sacred Books of the East, Program of a Translation of the Sacred Books of the East and the Introduction to volume 1 of the Upanishads.

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Let a man meditate on the syllable Om, called the udgitha; for the udgitha (a portion of the Sama-veda) is sung, beginning with Om.

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Talavakara-Upanishad (Or Kena-Upanishad)

1. The Pupil asks: 'At whose wish does the mind sent forth proceed on its errand? At whose command does the first breath go forth? At whose wish do we utter this speech? What god directs the eye, or the ear?'

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Now follows the Mahavrata ceremony. After having killed Vritra, Indra became great. When he became great, then there was the Mahavrata (the great work).

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1. Kitra Gangyayani, forsooth, wishing to perform a sacrifice, chose Aruni (Uddalaka, to be his chief priest). But Aruni sent his son, Svetaketu, and said: 'Perform the sacrifice for him.

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1. All this, whatsoever moves on earth, is to be hidden in the Lord (the Self). When thou hast surrendered all this, then thou mayest enjoy. Do not covet the wealth of any man!

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Published on: 2003-07-02 (3105 reads)

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