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Culture Course Volume - I

Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - I


Preface of the Culture Course Volume - I book.

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Prayers on Gods, mother, father, guru and guests.

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The Mahabharata

King Dhritarashtra was born inthe kuru race. he ruled over Hastinapura near Delhi. He had hundred sons.

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The Ramayana

Dasaratha was King ofKosala. Ayodhya was its capital. Dasa ratha had three Queens.they had no children

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King Uttanapada had two queens-Suneeti, the first and Suruchi, the second.He did not care for Suneeti and her son Dhrava.

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Ranti Deva

Ranti Deva was a great King. he gave up his kingdom. he lived in a forest as a hermit.

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A long time ago a dacoit used to stop travellers in a forest. He killed them if they did not stop. the decoit stopped a rishi .

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Parasura was great rishi. One day he had to cross the Yamuna river. The river is in flood.

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Tiruvalluvar was great saint of Tamil Nadu. he lived long, lng ago in Madras. he was a poor weaver.

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Manu was the son of god. he was the first man. he was king of Land. We are all born of we are called Manushyas.

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Do you know why shildren suck their thumbs? Lon ago there was a great king in our country. His name was Mandhata.

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Sakuntala was the foster daughter of kanva Rishi. They live in an ashram in a forest.

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The Himalayas

The Himalayas form the northern boundary of our country. They are king of Mountains.The world's highest peaks are there.

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Himavan, the Kingf of Mountains, had two daughters Ganga and Uma. Ganga is holy river.

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Ravan was King of Lanka. His mother, Keshini, called hime one day. she said," Bring me a siva-Linga for worship".

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Ganesh Chaturthi

God Ganesa is the son of god siva. He has many other names, Moraya, Vinayaka, Gajanana. He has an elephant face. It shows wisdom.

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You have seen a picture of child Krishna. He has butter in his hand. He wears a peacock feaher on his head.

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A hunter went to a forest in search of game. He could not catch any game throughout the day.

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The Monkey and Wedge

A carpenter was splitting a log of wood in a forest. It was noon. He drove a wedge in the slit.

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The Hare and The Tortoise

There was a yioung hare. It was very proud of its sped in running.The hare had a tortoise as friend.

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The Clever Crow

A crow built a nest in a tree. There ws a pit below the tree.In that lived a snake. when the crow was away, the snake climed the tree.

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Bharata Mata

Our is a very old country. Our country is like a mother to us all. We call her, therefore, Bharata - Mata.

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Our National Flag

You have sll seen our natin Flag. It has three colourbands: saffron at the top, dark-green at the bottom and white in between.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (35541 reads)

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